hi all, i am changing a broken connecting rod on my moped. i had to order a whole new crank. i got the old on out fine exept that on one side of the crank one of the bearing that are in the side of the crank case came off with the damn crank. i tryed prying it off the crank with a screw driver with no luck. does anyone have any ideas?many a pair of tire iron will go under it and i could stand on both sides?well i dont know. maby some of the experts will...


Re: crank

Ron Brown /


Heat is the best solution, but you may want to bite the bullet and buy a new bearing. You can get a bearing puller that consists of a pair of steel pieces that look like a dish when bolted together and fit between the bearing and the crank.

This gives you something to hang a gear puller onto but you are still pulling the center off by applying force to the balls. This is bad for the bearing and can cause damage you will not see.

Another alternative, given that the crank is totalled, warm it in the oven until you can barely hold it (you don't want to burn the lube), then bang the crank with the bearing end down on some immovable object. In theory, when the crank stops, the bearing will keep moving. You still may pit the races however.


Re: crank

hey man

get a bearing puller for sure....have a auto or cycle shop pull it.

buy a new bearing too.....if no one carries it go to a bearing house to find one and

they will match one up for you. heat the case around where the bearing fits in

with a propane torch...go easy....then you can tap it in there with a hammer and

a socket.....this is really dealer territory but you can do it if you*re patient

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