this is a really well made website

Hey guys I just wanted to say kudos on the message board and the website. This is a very well designed and visually pleasing websight.

Re: this is a really well made website

And it doesn't have flash animation. Or popup ads. If I wasn't such a broke loser I'd make a donation to keep it that way.

Re: this is a really well made website

Yeah---its one of the few unpolluted places on the web.

I sometimes have enought money to send a donation...and I figure everytime the forum saves me 100$ on mechanic fees, I can swing a few bucks too--heck even 5 bucks is nothing comapred to bringing the moped to your local bike shop.

Simon (webmaster) appreciates the feedback, I'm sure. He's worked hard on this site.

The more money that comes in, the more bandwidth the site can afford. Sometimes during peak hours you'll see a "too many users @phreakco" that's because sp many people value the content and the current server/bandwidth is (sometimes) overloaded.

We were talking about a dedicated server, but it's way too much money--but with the way the site is growing.... who knows what the future will bring.

Every few months, I suggest Simon should put a link to "server activity" (maybe under the pay-pal link??!) amount of hits, amount of unique know, the general web traffic info....

When you see the actual numbers, it's amazing. The actual posters in the forum are like .3 percent of the traffic!!

Between the people and the information and the mopeds, this is surely my favorite site. A couple of my machines at home run IE with MopedArmy as the auto-home page.


Re: this is a really well made website

Back when I actually worked it was in the streaming media field. I think the cost of bandwidth it's what's holding back the internet. Of course there are other reasons, but it's way up there.

For example it's possible to have good looking video on the web. It's just really expensive to host it. If you're into baseball, check out the site <> if you want to see what I mean. I encoded the video on there about a year ago with older technology. It could look even better now.

What's this site running on now? I was always figured they had a dedicated server.

Re: this is a really well made website

Nope. No dedicated server here, it's a shared account hosted by <a href=""; target="_blank">pair Networks</a>. Currently we have the <a href=""; target="_blank">Developer</a> account, but pay extra fees each month due to going over our bandwidth allowances. If the fees get any higher then we'll have to go up to the next higher account type.

bodyhead: Thanks for the good comments about the site, I'm glad you like it. Feedback like that is one of the reason I keep improving this site and tailoring it to the needs and desires of the people that use it.


Re: this is a really well made website

Yeah Simon this site is really great. I'm in school for information technology so I'm learning some of this stuff...

Here's some sites I made a over time..


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