General Or Motobecane?

Should I buy an old top tank general with no gas cap, no mirror, no speedo, no taillight, and no headlight, with bad brakes and a little rust and a broken chain with a decent running engine. It is my friends and I drove it. It was pretty good until the chain broke. It is minarelli. I should be able to get it for $80 bucks or less, is it worth it? OR I could buy a decent running motobeacane that i think has just about everything but I don't know how much.




Re: General Or Motobecane?

Go w/ the General! Minarelli engies are awesome. I've heard that Motobecanes can be a pain to repair etc, though they run great if they're in good working order. I'm not a big fan of top tanks, but I'd go for the General. Besides, you can customize it w/ speedometer and all that jazz and have a tough looking ride. Motobecanes are sleek, though ... But I know lots of people who swear by Minarelli engies (and you can get parts easier for them).

Re: General Or Motobecane?

I don't think you can go wrong with the general, a working moped under 100 bucks is worth it in my mind. I would also inquire about the motobecane, it would be cool to have two peds. If one needs repairs, you have the other one to keep you going.

Re: General Or Motobecane?

Yeah, buy them both! It gives you a nice Motobecane and a "fixer-upper" to work on besides. And if you have a friend interested in mopeds ... you can have him/her ride along w/ you. Riding in a group, even of only two is more fun than alone. Plus it lets you get more people into riding mopeds. If you get enough ... you could start a Moped Army branch ...

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