the jawa swap. alive.

ok.. update.

the jawa is now up and running with its 125cc 4stroke 'power'plant.

Although, i cannot say its finished yet....

still have to get some brake cables, wire up the lights, and replace the tires.

but! it runs..and it runs great.

took it down to the airport and rode it for about an hour to break in the engine..

sadly, as of is a 'noped'

but im keeping the pedals on it because i like the bicycle stance it has. and maybe i can figure out something to reconnect the pedals

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

Holy shit. You actually finished it!

That's amazing!

Video footage? Top speed?

How's the shifting?

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

That's the 2nd best use of a Jawa that I've ever seen....

1st was kindling...

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

i didnt have a helmet at the no brakes. ha. so i didnt get it up to top speed yet. (that and im honestly alittle scared still)

but im planning on taking it back down wednesday and seeing how fast i can get it going. ill have a friend film it as well.

I was going to post more pics...but this camera is working.. all i have is my cell. lame :(

and shiftings fine. Just have to get use to shifting without having the leveage of a foot peg.

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

You could rig the pedals to be the shifter, or the rear brake.

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

I may get flack for this but..... If you have a manual set-up like that its best to run with pegs rather than peds. I dont think there is anything wrong with removing pedals for performance and I know there are many like minded modders on here that would say the same thing. I would only run them if you have to for legal reasons. I know around here cops wouldnt notice or care if they did. I agree get vids and more pics up fast, preferably nudes.

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

did you put extra support to protect that frame from that monster engine? omg that thing is flat out ridiculous. i want one. now. that is awesome.

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

i love it!

i like the cross bar /tank

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

good job man.

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

that looks great.

i've got almost the same engine, i was trying to put it on a chappy, but now i'm thinking maybe my yankee peddler. i'd love to see more pics

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

Jake Shaughnessy /

i have that same motor on a pit bike. It is a torque monster so gear as high as you can. looks fun

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

i have the same motor, i'm selling it on ebay right now, but these pics make me wanna keep it and throw it onto my yankee peddler or maybe the bat. love to see more pics

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

why are you selling it???

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

This should only be done to a jawa.

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

This is awesome.

But, it should be in the repair forums! lol...

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

That Jawa is killer! I have one like it. Only Im tossing an e50 on it.

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

I have aa little something coming soon, lol. Its a noped too.

FA50. Its gonna be nuts fast.

That Jawa looks sick man.

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

Yes! Hooray! F%$* Right!

Not a moped. Who F(#@ing cares?

The paintjob looks sick. Yes, I know you didn't do anything to it except add a black engine, but it looks sick - this color is the same one Jawa used on many of their 2 stroke street bikes (which couldn't go quite as fast as you will).

Continue to be scared. I can't see any reason to stop being scared of this machine. I'm scared of it from here.

I think that you should purchase a front wheel intended for a Honda cub, or Honda Nighthawk 250. The final wheel size is really similar (maybe a big bigger), but the brake drums are much bigger.

The mounts will be different, but you've been down that road already...

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

my friend brought over some cables last night that i was going to put on, but turns out those wont work either. :( so either way, im still testing it out tomorrow (wednesday) and video taping it. brakes or no brakes...

i guess ill just have to wait to see how well these brakes do when i get them working. im really hoping theyll be sufficiant enough.... cause honestly... im getting tired ha... ive worked on this bike practically every day for the past three weeks.

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

I would seriously consider throwing some late model jawa 210 forks on that bike. The fork inserts on those bikes are extremely shity and fragile. I once dropped one of those fork inserts from 3 feet up onto a wood floor and it broke clean in half. The later model 210 forks are much more substantial and should fit right on that.

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

Cory (mrdr 133) /

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

haha yeah, mine are like the size of a quarter diameter in thickness.. Its scary as hell. they also only have like an 1 1/2 of play as far as 'suspension'. its kinda sad. Little mini bikes have thicker forks. hell, my bmx bike is probably 20 times stronger.

do those 210's have larger drums as well?

i might be able to just replace the entire front end.

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

Brake diminsions are 85 x 20 mm.

At least thats what the 210 manual says.

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

Actually, looking at the exploded diagram of those later forks....they are not that much better. I'd feel slightly safer on them, but not much. Maybe some EBRs will fit?

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

is that the trusty ol' lifan 125cc 4 stroke?

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

"ive worked on this bike practically every day for the past three weeks."

I believe it. I recall reading your "I'm gonna do it" post just a little while ago, and now I'm reading your "I just did it" post. That never happens.

Well, that never seems to happen except for the three weeks before a rally. Is that what rallies are really for?


Now with 1.5 inches of travel for all you not-so-serious dirt jumpers!

My Express is like this, but it's got solid little stocky bloomer forks. I wonder if that description got across.

Hitting a pothole at speed is just a grit-your-teeth-and-WHAM moment. Then coast. Peek at the wheel. Flat? No? Okay, throttle up then.

Re: the jawa swap. alive.

yes..its the trusty lifan haha.

Re: the jawa swap. alive. (vid)

oppss disregard the other thread..

i wanted to add it to this one but i thought it disapeared.

here you go.

Re: the jawa swap. alive. (vid)

So how fast did this bike ever get up to?

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