Well......it's time to test...

.............the Sebring in the rain. Since I modified the air box on it,I haven't had it running hardly in the rain. Hasn't really been much rain. I have 3 hrs.before i have to get ready for work tonight,so I think I'll take the cell phone, and a rain repellent jacket, and test her out thru the puddles.Ha! I can probably run a good 60+ miles up to Londonderry and back if I get going soon.See ya',guys! I am on this `ol dinosaur PC that my boy gave me. My neighbor gave me a keyboard and a mouse and power cord so I'm set! I'll be upgrading to a Dell one of these days.Ha! `Dude! I'm gettin' a DELL!'....maybe? don-ohio (:^)

Re: Well......it's time to test...

Cool Don .. glad to have you back !

.. Now we just need Ron Brown to come back.

Re: Well......it's time to test...

I remember lookin at that contraption of yours. I don't think you'll have any problem with rain in it, but if you stop too long, it'll make a good mouse-house.

If you do get any water in it, either make your intake tube longer or ad another bend to it. Do you have a cap for it? you could probably use the bottom half of a coke can, whenever you stop.

Re: Well......it's time to test...

Where did ron go?

Re: Well......it's time to test...

hey don!

that rain is wicked today.. i nearly died coming around a corner! :(

the scooter slipped out from underneath me (while turning right) and i slammed my foot down and ripped the hell out of my foot and ankle on the kickstarter and ground (and its the same foot that is still broken).. but i didnt lay it down! so now i have a slight limp.. hope my foot didnt break worse!

Re: Well......it's time to test...

Hey Don!!

Does this mean you will be back for good??? I hope so!!!??

Ridin in the rain ain`t no fun anyway is it..........??? I guess that would be a silly question to anyone but you??? lol! I know you could probably ride through "hell" with a "broken back" and love it!!!??lol! You are the "MAN" Don-O!!!!

Glad you are back!!......If you really are??????

See ya!


Re: Well......it's time to test...

Hey Don!

Nice to see you here! My 80 Puch Maxi has been running great since I got the carb and air box. Still got a slow takeoff though, and it looks to me like it has a wet clutch, so it is not likely I can make it rev higher before it grabs, but it is doing well now.


Re: Well......it's time to test...

Chris MWH /

Jim ,

You can adjust the stall speed on your puch 1 speed easily. Remove the clutch shoe assembly and turn the adjusting screws in. You can turn them all in the same amount or stager them so you have partial engagement of one of the shoes.

Chris MWH

Re: Well......it's time to test...

misssed the hell outta ya don.. glad to see you back...

I spent the day int he pan handle near Talahasee and on the coast at Steenahachre Damn hurrican didn't stop me form getting some quality pedding in.

Hey,Howdy all you guys!

This PC is so slow I can only answer everyone at once and say Thanks! ,for the welcome back. Yeah,Fred! I thought I hadn't seen Ron's posts anywhere..........is he alright? I sure hope so! Ike,thanks for the compliment! I really loved that trip in the rain,believe it or not! And the Sebring never quit on me,like Mike figured it wouldn't. But in a `goose drowner' it might. This was 61 miles of steady rain(woulda' been a chore without my big windshield to keep me fairly dry). Casey knows what Ima' talkin' about concerning the steady rain,I imagine(hope your foot survives that reckless(not wreck-less,Ha!)abandon that you ride with (Takin' your life in your hands ridin' those snails,Case) ! I got home JUST in time to get ready for work. How `bout `ol Chris with his help about the clutches? He's a great fellow that helps me out EVERY TIME I call him for parts.Way to go,Chris! Glad your Puch is up n' runnin',Jim! Duck! I'll bet you feel like a duck after all that rain and blowin'! Good that it didn't stop you from riding! Thanks All! I gotta go to bed now,.....just got off night shift and my eyelids are feelin' like anvils.Ha! See ya'! don-ohio (:^)

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