Poll: Daily driver?

david f martin /

Just wondering. I drive mine to work every morning (11 miles), out to lunch and/or on errands, then home every evening (11 miles),even as cold as it has been. Every day. Uphill both ways with a headwind. On the shoulder of a 6 lane, 50 mph highway. Do I ever feel sorry for myself? Sometimes...

Does this make me tough? Damned straight.

So, is your ped your daily driver (your only driver)?


Re: Poll: Daily driver?

Reeperette /

It was, once upon a time.

My 89 Golden Bullet TTLX was the supreme road king for quite a while, and was so commonly seen on Rte2 Gov Richie Hwy that all the locals knew me by sight.

For a while it was 10 miles back and forth each way every day to work, 34 miles on saturday, and the whole run from Baltimore to Annapolis on sunday - every week.

Add in some more milage to the store and back, and just cruisin, and it was a whole lot...weather conditions notwithstanding - monsoon rains, blizzards, summer broil, even a hurricane once, not to mention three feet of snow covered with a layer of ice.

Most of this being on, on in the area of MD Rte2, aka "The Meat Grinder", and home of three of most dangerous intersections in the US at one time, all along my route to work - which is what eventually nearly did me and the 'ped in.

It takes a set of big brass ones to use a ped as sole transportation, but due to financial reasons, and mopeds being excluded from the title/tag/inspection/emissions/insurance scamjobbery - some folks don't have much choice....and it's a kind of last straw thing to get hassled about it.

I find it ironic that the folks who do the most mouthing off, would not last 15 minutes trying to ride a 'ped through any major city.


Re: Poll: Daily driver?

Nah... Not me... I'm a wuss at piling up miles on the ped.

I use mine almost exclusively for short trips to the store

Either a 2 mile round trip.

Or a 4 mile round trip.

And not very often in winter.

I get more mileage on motorcycles and a pickup truck.

Re: Poll: Daily driver?

When it's a bit warmer and my ped isn't taken a part (messin with the engine), I drive mine to school (1.5mi), work (4mi), radio station (5mi) and back during the week..any farther than that and I usually take one of my parents' cars..

Re: Poll: Daily driver?

Stonnerdog /

yep moped my daily and only ride i have, and i ride the hell out of it, no matter what the conditions out side.


swarm and distroy

Re: Poll: Daily driver?

Yeh thats way i feel about it except that i dont really have anywhere to go . So i just ride where ever i feel like escpeially my 98 tomos targa its not an lx With the bi turbo attachment it pulls a good 50 or so and i ride about 30 miles a day on it annoying the nieghbors raisins a little hell and so on.But since i have 5 of em its hard to choose to do i want speed or a classic (my Indian). But either way riding is the best anytime of the year i like winter because it takes some skill to ride through snow and ice and well those little yuppy's who have had their "parents by them a 2001 targa lx who slip all over the place and slide and crash into oblivion hahahahhaha

welll anyway


Re: Poll: Daily driver?

Professor Ludwig von Beauty /

I alternate between my future-ped and my rocket car.



Professor Ludwig von Beauty

Re: Poll: Daily driver?

Daily driver? Not really. Sometimes I walk for exercise (or in the rare rare event of a moped maintenance problem). But ... I don't own a car. At all. So, yes, moped is my primary means of transportation.

Oh, and I'm 25, neither too young to drive nor too poor to afford a car. I just decided about six years ago that cars were not really "essential" to life. I became a full-time pedestrian and bicycle rider. Hell, I'd walk to bus terminals and train stations to leave town. Never hitch-hiked either. Not safe or necessary. I have two solid feet that can carry me for miles and miles and miles ...

But ... mopeds are fun as hell. And they do make the ride shorter. And they have the enjoyment of still being outdoors in the elements and still able to suddenly stopp for a conversation w/ a passing friend, or just a good sit on a grassy sidewalk. Man, I love a good sit!

Re: Poll: Daily driver?

Daily driver, yes. Only means of transport, no. I have a chopped VW bug w/ a flatbed rear end that I use to tote the ped so I don't have to ride the moped too far when it's fourty below.(not that the bug is much warmer)

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