Last day of moppeding

Me and my friends last day of tearing up the town is going to be hollowene. november first is when we drain it and put it away

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Why not base it on the temperature and weather conditions instead of a specific day? I guess it's kind of fun to have a final ride that you know is the final ride though.


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Gonna tough it out year 'round down here in North Myrtle Beach, SC. You Yankees and your cold weather, JEEEZZ!!!!!


Water temp off the coast is still in the low 80's, tourist season officially ended last week. Still have the fall Harley fest coming next week, though. Have 3 bike festivals every year down here.The spring Harley sponsored bike fest. A bunch of rich, middle aged white people. the week after they have the "Atlantic Beach Memorial Day Weekend Bike Show." Show is held in a 4 block by 4 block town owned by Crack Dealers. This is the 'thug life' jap bike fest that gives all the other events a bad name. Businesses actually close down for the week. Bad when Restaurants in a TOURIST TOWN close for the week... And, then there's the fall bike fest. More of a local event.

Now you can see why scooters and 'peds are more accepted down here. people are so used to seeing bikes of all sizes, that they don't think anything about it. Even the COPS have Harleys, Bicycles, ATV's, Golf Carts(!!!), and freaking Jet Ski's!!!

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Chris MWH /

Yeah... I always though the last day of peding was when you are buried....

Chris MWH

Re: Last day of moppeding

mikeconsig /

I dunno bout you guys but i ride whenever the pavement is dry. It may be 20 degrees out, and a cold wind, i just bundle up and ride around my neighborhood. Is that somewhat bad for it?

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I think thats a good idea to have the last ride on October 31st. You already know when it is, so you can make room for everything, and you've planned everything out. Holloween is a good day to ride to, you can make all the noise you want, and it doesnt really matter.


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