Hey, i have a 1980 honda express and i just opened the reed valves up from around 20deg. to just about 30deg. I noticed a little increase on hill climbing, but not much actuall acceleration or top end speed difference. Do you guys have any special settings to get them running pretty quick?


Hey,Brian! This is a good question for the MopedWhiz over on `Expressly Mopeds',but I do know that there are different tension reeds and reeds that are of composition material seem to run better at high rpms. Ask the Whiz any question concerning Honda expresses.My 2 cents. don-ohio (:^)

I didn't know they were adjustable!

Doc Holliday /

How did you do it?


They aren't

They aren't really adjustable.

People sometimes try bending the metal 'reed stops' that stops the reed flappers from opening too far ... they bend them farther open ..

Some claim its better .. others say it's no better .. I say the ones who claim it's 'better' are just 'wishful thinking'.

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