OT; saw some Air Force planes yesterday,

and a Blackhawk Helicopter today. And a fighter plane on Moday. Not wanting to go into details, saw 'em whle I was working on a house on the coast. "Not going to war" My ass!!! There is a abandoned Air Force base in Myrtle Beach, SC. Mid-ways between Pope AFB in Fayettville, And the Near Charleston. Saw shit like that in Fayettville whenever shit was gonna hit the fan, and that was long before 9/11/01... I'm betting on the first shot firing the day before elections. Anybody want to try and figure odds on this one...

Re: OT; saw some Air Force planes yesterday,

shots are already being fired... My buddies are in the air force.. there is a huge air base here in Valdosta... air base Moody field... there has been people deployed back to aphganistan I have also been told that they are going to go help "enforce the no fly zone" My buddies are in special ops security force. The shipped out a few days ago

Re: OT; saw some Air Force planes yesterday,

oh and no one gets in our out of the base anymore.. even me with an military id... my father was a major in teh air force 22 years worth and him being retired the family still has id cards as dependatns.. but no one is allowed in unless active duty or living on base.

Re: OT; saw some Air Force planes yesterday,

SOP on Pope right now, I'm sure. Pope is INSIDE Ft. Bragg, so security is double tight nowadays. They put up the guard towers on hwy. 87 not long after 9/11/01. Just tightened up after that even tighter. Can't imagine what it looks like at the moment....

Re: Just so you know

Jim Clift /

An Allied air strike two weeks ago Thursday took out all of Saddam's air defense communications. A direct path has been opened from Jordan to Baghdad.

Domestic press only mentioned it as a passing thing. Foreign (U.K.) press gave all the details. 60 hours of bombing and we didn't hear peep.

And we wonder why Saddam all of a sudden is willing to allow weapons inspectors for his shell game.


Re: Just so you know

Hey... I am just curious and I don't remember hearing anything on this.. I bet wayne couold fill me in on this.. he loves good juicy conversations of gov't the lack of military consipiracy cove rup faluare aliens..if it is not common knowlage wayne is all over it.. so here goes..

I am wondering what kind of defences we have to protect our country if we were ever invaded. Albiet something tha tI don't htink is going to happen but what if a huge military force ever does get based our first defences and infiltrates our country...

i remember seeing old films during ww2 that showed all the bunkers to hide in... and secret disguised military stuff...

like my favorite hting i saw was a whole tenis court that fliped over.. it litteraly was on pivots and the whole court floor flipped over and the other side was mounted a huige mounted anti aircraft gun.

we have alot of police and such.. but whats happens if an army does penetrate our country.. we supposed to sit at home and die.. hell no.. I always said i'd be out with my ak or a shot gun on my moped fucking some people up.

but thats crazy talk... serisouly... we do have military bases.. but im wondering if there is secret defences all over.. in the old movies i saw there certainly was.. but what good would they be if the people of the community they were in would know where they were . and what to do in the event of an attack or a breech.

I mean hell they hit out main military building the damn pentegon.. i would have though there would be some surface to air missle thing if a plan got to close to it it be automatic target or something.... seems like we are all offence and NO defence.. prove me wrong please..

im worried about this... wayne go dig me up some stuff to make me fell better..

Re: OT; saw some Air Force planes yesterday,

this is a map of air defences and stuff our shield Areas.... but if you look no defences at all towards the canadian border.t hats kinda skechy.. with the amount of land that seems open and unsettled seems like somone could just covertly drop in canada and sneak down and be all up in our shit.


Re: Just so you know

About ten years ago, I worked for Walter-Kidde in Mebane, NC. They make fire extinguishers, scuba air tanks, welding tanks ect... I was told all it took to convert from making gas (air,co2,fire extinguishers,ect..) storage containers to making assorted size mortar shells in an emergency, was a couple of changes to the tooling and about 30 minutes worth of work. would probably actually take a little while longer, switching materials and all. But it wouldn't take too much longer...

In Burlington, NC there used to be a site owned by Duke Power/Ma Bell/(probable Black Ops Interest also...) that built Nike-X missile guidance systems. Site is still off limits to the public, guarded 24/7 by the army, and the parking lot has had 'Do Not Cross, Government Property' for the last 15 years since it closed...

Re: OT; saw some Air Force planes yesterday,

I want to see like a base only training for

homeland groud defences...

like an army base just training to fight in our own country if we get attacked

and some alerts on wha the public is supposed to do if somehting liek that happens.. whens the last time you seen a eal fire drill being ran in a public building.. yeah right... and stop buisness 5 minutes and loose a little bit of money so people know what to do.. nah lets make that money..

morons.. I worked in a walmart they are supposed to have monthsly fire drills actualy drills for the coustmoers too.. well 6 years and they havne't had one yet.

Just so you know, Duck.

>>but whats happens if an army does penetrate our country<<

Duck, we do, nationally, have a backup plan, always have.

As any enlisted reservist can tell you, their contract specifies an additional 2 years of something called "IRR" - or "Individual Ready Reserve".

It's mostly unused, and not in fact taken seriously, but it works in a couple ways.

First, you can be called up, so it's like an automatic draft.

Second, you are supposed to maintain your training, keep in shape, and establish good relations with any armed or skilled locals who might be useful if things hit the fan.

Third, you are supposed to respond if possible in any case of natural disaster or civil unrest and help out if you can.

The actual wording is a lot more complex, but that's the basics, and most military contracts specify two years of IRR duty (which no one takes seriously) after your primary enlistment.

Some special cases involve longer stretches of IRR service.

Also, most IRR folks do keep tabs on any civvie militias who are not outright lunatics, and would render tactical and operational assistance to them in a worst case situation, as well as assist in their training if needs be.

There's also many long-standing backup plans which remain in useful service to this very day, like the remains of the eisenhower interstate system, which specified that one mile in every five (I think) had to be straight, for use as emergency landing strips - that's come in handy a time or two in the civilian aviation department as well, since in a mechanical failure situation, they might not be able to reach an airport, and can use those intended strips in a situation.

We also have the EBS, the long-standing "Emergency Broadcast System", of the "This is only a test.." fame, which would serve to spread advance notice across the whole nation in seconds.

So we basically DO have backup plans that work, and have worked, for over 50 years, and are little affected by time or lack of maintainence.

There's also the simple fact that Americans, Michiganders in particular, are a damn stubborn cussed sorta folk who would be a worse nightmare to invade than anyone else, because we honestly would give an invading force the scorched earth treatment, and worse besides - it'd be like hitlers disastrous invasion of russia, when every peasant with a rock was looking to fracture an enemy skull with it, and they were burning the fields and poisoning the wells as they retreated.

Not to mention the reaction of the NYPD or LAPD to a whole bunch of people it's 100% legal to shoot at, they'd go hog freakin wild.

Knowledge of this, and the problem of the sheer manpower it would take to invade this nation, has kept it from happening, and will continue to keep it from happening for the forseeable future.

No one's ever gonna invade us, cause they know damn well we'd kick the everliving crap out of them, and THEN chase them back to their home country and bomb it into the stone age.


Re: Just so you know, Duck.

That's why none have had the BALLS to do it DIRECTLY. Now, doing things in an underhanded, sneaky, punk ass, chicken shit way, well that's a different story...


Duck-- it's true. the plans to invade Iraq were on the table long before his brother and the supreme court installed George as Resident of the united states white house.

Further, the news is a corporate owned CIA infiltrated psy-op. (psychological operation)

I wish it weren't true but it is. The best I can do is give you some links as ammo against the conspiracy.









that's a good start. Look at all their links pages you'll find more.

Television Media is about bait and switch and distraction. So bad, I can't watch it any more.

Re: Media

I watch fox news to see what the republican Nazis are up to. They really know how to shovel it deep. They stay in 'Rush Limbaugh' (so glad he fell back off the radar, back to just AM talk radio where he belongs...) mode all day...

Blatant 'right wing' bias. Slamming the democrats every chance they get. Miss 'Politically Incorrect'. Bill Maher had BALLS. That's why ABC canceled the show. As much as he did say, they wouldn't let him say what he REALLY thought. Too scared. They couldn't let somebody be Pro-Legalization, Anti-Gun, Pro-Cigarette, Pro-Hooker... Boose, Broads, Weed, ect... gotta love it...

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