clutch sticks when hot

my clutch sticks after I have been riding for a couple of minutes and does not let go untill the engine cools down again. I stall at every intersection now. is there something that I need to grease? Everthing in there looks ok but I dont know.


Re: clutch sticks when hot

This used to happen to my sachs, and it was caused by low fluid in the tranny. What brand of moped do you have? Have you checked your fluids?

Re: clutch sticks when hot

its a peugeot 103. there is no fluid in the tranny. it uses a variator clutch. ben

Re: clutch sticks when hot

How do you know it's the clutch? Could it be gas flow? Even though you have a variator, I bet there is a place for some gear oil. Maybe in the rear hub? That is how my Piaggio Grande is.

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