owl in a cowl

gimmyjimmy /

thought I'd pass this along. (see attach)


Re: owl in a cowl

Woah- did that hurt or what-- I wonder if that caused him to lay the bike down afterwords.

At least it wasn't a Buzzard- they Puke on impact.

Re: owl in a cowl

That just ruined my day! I am going to go cry now.

Re: owl in a cowl

Yeah Crisis--- I felt bad for that owl too---

Musta happened at night---!

The wife and I once had a pair of doves fly in front of our old truck. One got wiped out....

The sad part was when we were coming back-- -you could see the one dove looking all over for its mate.

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Re: owl in a cowl

Ah man... I always hate to see an Owl hurt or killed, or any animal, but Owls especially, because they are kind of hard to come by anymore. There was a HUGE barn Owl that I almost hit with my car pulling in to my driveway. I would have wrecked the car if I had to to save it.

Re: owl in a cowl

We had a similar, quite bizarre incident with the car, tho thankfully no harm was done.

We were pulling out of my girls workplace just as a flock of those huge geese decided to fly from one side of the street to another at low altitude and we here this medium-loud thump, bump racket.. followed by a rather pissed off sounding honk.

I stop the car and we hop out and look... there's a big kink in the CB antenna, and one of the geese landing across the street starts expressing his ire at us, damn them things are loud when you piss em off..

Me and my girl just kinda looked at each other, shook our heads and drove off, it was weird.


Re: owl in a cowl

That's a barred owl. I'm starting a wood carving coarse at nigth school next week, we're doing a great horned owl. That thing would have done some major damage to a moped. bruce

Re: owl in a cowl

we have huge owls here in my area.. I had one in my back yard that wings was as wide as I am tall... it was huge.

Re: owl in a cowl

i wounder how fast he was going 200km

Re: owl in a cowl

chuck russo va /

that would have scared the shit out of me.....i prolly would have layed the bike over

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