Tomos BiTurbo drips oily stuff

First of all, thanks to Fred, Reeperette, Miguel and everyone else who offered up some great advice on my last question.

After riding my 95 Tomos Targa, I've noticed that there's always a half-dollar sized spot of oil/water that drips off the BiTurbo exhaust and onto the floor of my garage. This fluid collects on the bottom of the pipe, in the seam between the gold cylinder and the exhaust pipe, and drips from there. It looks like some of it is water, because the oily stuff kind of floats on top of it.

A little background on the Targa: I bought it about 2 weeks ago. It looked to me like the previous owner had laid it down a time or two (or maybe just backed over it once), judging from the condition of the left side decals, fairing mount, and turn signal assembly. Is it possible that they broke a seal or something between the pipe and the muffler when they dumped the bike over? Do I need a new exhaust pipe, or is this stuff that's dripping out of it an indication of something more sinister going on in the engine?

I'm no mechanic, but I hope to learn how to do some of my own work. This forum has been a great resource.



Re: Tomos BiTurbo drips oily stuff

Ron Brown /

The water is a normal byproduct of combustion, you are combining hydrogen and oxygen into H2O. The oil is because you are a 2 cycle.

If you go for a long ride, the pipe will get hot enough to evaporate the water and you will most likely only get an oil drip or two. Most exhausts have a small hole at the lowest point to drain the water out so the pipe does not corrode.

Ride it and enjoy, but try to ride further, your pipe will last longer.


Re: Tomos BiTurbo drips oily stuff

Thanks, Ron. Your explanation is crystal clear. You're right, I probably need to take longer trips. I'm working up to it. It's just that the traffic around here is really heavy, and the speed limits are high (45 MPH). These South Florida drivers would rather crush you than pass you (sorry guys, but it's true!). It's tough to get the Targa warmed up when the only place I feel safe is on the side streets of my neighborhood.

Thanks again,


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