way OT: VW's

As if my moped doesn't punish me enough I'm getting a '82 VW Vanagon. Originally a diesel, but it has a '90 1.8L Audi Fox engine in it. I think it has a carb from a Scirocco or something like that. Reminds me of the Johnny Cash song "One Piece at a Time".

I remember a few people on here being into VW's, so I thought maybe you guys could point me in the right direction as far as cool websites or books to check out. This is my first VW so any general advice would be appreciated. Already plan on carrying tools with me to keep this Frankenvan going.

Yeah yeah yeah.. it's off topic but I actually respect some people's opinions on here. I think it will make a better moped hauler than my trusty Nissan Sentra.


Re: way OT: VW's

The watercooled VW newsgroup at rec:autos:makers:vw:watercooled is a good source of information. Going to VW shows is a greta way to get info. Check out the website vwshows.com for a listing of all VW shows around the country.

I'm an aircooled VW enthusiast myself, but I do also own a '98 Beetle in addition to my '73 Super Beetle and '73 Westfalia Camper Bus.

MoPedLar (formerly VW Larry)

Re: way OT: VW's

I forget which one of the guys is the VW expert, but he's lingering around here somewhere.

Of all the junkheap rat-cars I've owned in my time, the one I was most fond of was a 1987 VW Fox I, which, in my opinion, was probably the simplest, most easily repairable, and just plain well-designed car I had ever seen.

Too bad my evil ex piled it up into someone elses rear bumper - but that's what impatience and a short attention span gets ya..

As far as cars go, VW's are pretty nice, almost moped-like in their design and construction, the older ones, at least.


Re: way OT: VW's

Danko Craig /

their is a guy in town here with a rabbit pickup thing. looks pretty cool for what it is. It's dump, has the 83 GTi flaring, nice wheels

check out www.pocketrocket.ca it's all vee dubs


Re: way OT: VW's

check out the type II websites. I think I found a whole ago some info on swapping different engines in those new bread-boxes. Subaru engines seemed to be the most popular.

I think I was looking for information on VW synchro's- the 4x4 vanagon.

Re: way OT: VW's

You guys need to move to southern california. There are so many old VW stores / mechanics out here it boggles my mind. There's about 5 places I know of (not caounting the ones I don't) that I can take my '67 bug who only work on volkswagens, and probably about the same number of places I can go to get parts.


Re: way OT: VW's

sorry I meant to say 5 places within a couple miles of my house...

Re: way OT: VW's

> You guys need to move to southern california. There are so

Why would I need to move to So Cal? Half the people have moved up here to Washington in the last few years. =)

Thanks everyone for the advice.

VW's do remind me of mopeds too. Kind of slow and finicky. And always a good idea to carry a full set of tools.

I'm also looking at a VW 412 up the street from me for $700. It has the type IV engine I think. Same as the Porsche 914.

So many vehicles, so little garage space.

Re: way OT: VW's

Type 1, the only way to go...

had '67 black market (german car brought back by a military guy) beetle w/1300

'68 beetle w/1600 dual port

'74 Super w/modified 1600 dual port

'72 bus w/Type IV (aaauuuuggghhh!!! clutch problems... got more butts than an ashtray in it though...)

'89 Fox (the only NEW car I've ever owned)

VW's rule dude!!!!!

None higher, except for my '88 RX-7 that is...

Re: way OT: VW's

GK.. I own an 85 Golf that I have had for a year and half and haven't had the time to work on.

Watercooled Dubs are nice. They don't have quite the following the Type 1s do, but aw well.

The thing I suggest you get is a Robert Bently service manual. They are about 30 bucks and will show you how to do a complete teardown.

I want a Vanagon so bad... Deisel would be awesome, but you should have a real runner there with that Audi motor... its longitudinally mounted, right?

off topic even more - your favorite car

Your mention of the RX7 made me think about my favorite car, my old 1986 Pontiac Fiero GT. Back when I had that car in the early nineties I took a lot of heat from people about it. Engine fire rumors among other things. I still have it though, but it's been sitting for 5 years with a blown engine. Now that I'm getting somewhat more mechanical I want to get another engine in it. Not too many people hang on to the car they had as a teenager. There's no way I'd sell my Fiero.

When I'm old, bald and fat I'll be the coolest hick on the block with my badass Fiero GT.

Re: way OT: VW's

> I want a Vanagon so bad... Deisel would be awesome, but you

> should have a real runner there with that Audi motor... its

> longitudinally mounted, right?

I've been wanting one for a while too. Well actually I wanted a Eurovan but I'm a poor person once again. Back down to upper lower middle class from middle upper middle class since the economy tanked. But I've always kind of like VW Buses and vans. I figure since I need a mini van to transport my family and all our junk around, I might as well get something kind of cool.

Yes, the engine in longitudinally mounted. Looks like everything is pretty easy to get to.


Re: way OT: VW's

Get on here:

<a href="http://www.motorworks.com/">Motorworks</a>;

They have tons of stuff for Dubs.

Fieros are bad ass! Ever see the few around that they crammed a Northstar in? CRAZY to say the least, and wicked fast.

Re: way OT: VW's

david f martin /

Trike, I don't know if I'm the "expert" you're referring to, but I do make my living working on VWs (mostly aircooled). Aircooled VWs are lot like mopeds... pretty finicky, and best carry a toolkit with you...

GK, a couple of websites to check out... type2.com, and Fullmoonbusclub.com. Type2.com will point you to a Vanagon website. Fullmoonbusclub.com was started in Charleston, SC about 3 years ago by friends of mine. I co-founded the second branch in Greenville, SC shortly after that, and it has gone world-wide since then. Their main thing is camping and hanging out on a regular basis, but there are lots of VW experts in the club you can ask technical advice from. Kinda like this forum.

We had a Vanagon with a Jetta engine in it a few months ago, the first time I've ever seen that conversion. A Jetta engine is much cheaper to work on than a regular Vanagon engine (especially a diesel or aircooled engine, 80-83)...

I owned a 412 several moons ago... Very fast, dependable car. Kinda expensive to have it worked on, though. If you're willing to work on it yourself, you'll save a lot of money. Parts will be more expensive than for a type 1 engine, though.

Any help I can offer fellow VW enthusiasts will be given freely.


Re: way OT: VW's

chuck russo va /

i almost bought a 85 vanagon with a/c and 85,000 miles for 1200 bucks but for some dumbass reson i didnt buy it, now i want a rabbit pick up and i want to drop a 16v gti motor in it

Re: way OT: VW's

david f martin /

Wanna hear a sad story?

Our senior mechanic, an expert on watercooled fuel injected VWs, Vietnam vet, former pro kickboxer, been there done that, very philosophical and laid back, had his beloved '82 Rabbit pickup (Mona) totaled just 2 days ago. He'd saved this truck from the scrapheap 9 years ago, fixed it up, and it was one of the few luxuries he afforded himself...

It just looked like an old beat-up VW pickup, but he could burn the tires in 3 gears. A sleeper...

He was rear-ended by a woman in an SUV, who pushed him out into the intersection, where he was side-ended by another driver... because she was paying more attention to a cell phone than the road.

He's been a zombie for the last couple of days... I completely understand... when my QT was stolen last year, I was a zombie for a few days, too.


I wish I had the cash...

Man. All this dub talk has me wanting to finish my Golf instead of selling it. Makes me sick to think I bought that car for 500 bucks and it is sitting in my yard. I even have a 10k motor on a crate ready to drop in.

I could have finished it for what I paid for my Metropolitan....

ah well...

Anyone need a really good project car and a damned nice 86 1.8 VW motor?

Re: I wish I had the cash...

david f martin /

Not me... I have enough projects...2 buses, a squareback and a rabbit... and my daughter's '72 superbeetle has been giving her shit lately...

I have a longtime, ongoing love/hate relationship with VWs. I think its a curse.


10k motor????

chuck russo va /

10k motor what is? a fully built VR6 for it?

Re: 10k motor????

haha... opps. I wish.

The motor had about 10300 miles on it when it was pulled from an 86 Jetta in GA, back in 1987. Its low milage and in perfect shape.

A tree fell on the Jetta and smashed it in half.

Re: 10k motor????

chuck russo va /

ohhhh ok

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