Jawa supreme 2

I am working on restoring a 1982 Jawa supreme. I am missing the engine. Does anyone know if it's possible to adapt a similar size engine fron another moped? I know that I'll be making modifications on the engine mount of the frame. If Junkyard Wars can do it, why can't I?

Re: Jawa supreme 2

Yes, many moped engines can be cross-mounted with a minimum of hassle, and in fact someone here has recently mounted a dirt bike engine to a moped frame.

So yes, it's doable....and unless I miss my guess here, any M48-type engine should fit that moped without any mods at all.


Re: Jawa supreme 2

Keith Wallace /

check out ebay- I saw a few jawas on there you might want to grab for parts.



Re: Jawa supreme 2

tks guys

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