More Peds!!

See Ya Moped Army /

Wanted Ads continue to pay dividends.....I picked up three Puch Mopeds tonight (see pic) from the original owner, who is 82 years old. The Maxi Luxe has 1,200 miles, the Newport has 1,900 miles and the Puch 3 has 5,400 miles. I should have all of them roadworthy by the end of the week. The Maxi Luxe is in beautiful condition, as is the Newport. The Puch 3 needs a little more TLC than the other two bikes, but the engine is free and has good compression. I have titles for all three bikes.

My "Wanted Ad" has fushed out a bunch of mopeds in my area that otherwise would have never made it out of their resting places.



Re: More Peds!!

Matt Lorence /

beautiful! So how much have you invested so far, snatching up mopeds that need new homes?

Re: More Peds!!

OK, Here's what I've bought since running my ad 2 weeks ago:

'76 Snark- $50

'98 Tomos- parts bike - $40

'80 Motobecane Sebring- $40

'80 Puch Maxi Luxe (brown)- $100

'80 Puch Maxi Luxe (silver)- $100

'75 Puch Maxi- $50

'78 Puch Newport- $75

'78 Puch Newport- parts bike- $50

Total spent, not including additional parts, cables, etc.= $505

Not bad for 6 running (or soon to be running) mopeds and 2 parts bikes. I still have a week to go on my ad!


Re: More Peds!!

John Lieberman /

Where are you running your ad?

Re: More Peds!!

See Ya Moped Army /

The local PennySaver, a free weekly publication distributed at Supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. That's you best bet for the most exposure.


Re: More Peds!!

John Lieberman /

Cool. I didn't realize anybody actually ever read the "Wanted" section. Maybe I'll give it a shot. There have GOT to be a bunch of old bikes around suburban Detroit.

Re: More Peds!!

Well done. I ran one ad in my local paper (cost $15) about a month ago. Got a call the next day from a lady who had something in her basement. Bought a 1985 QT50 with 1827 miles in mint condition for $25.00. Getting a good deal - priceless! Good luck with future ped steals!

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