I tried to help a tomos guy

Dude, I tried to offer some help on the tomos moped site, it blocked me from saying Moped army. Both in a link I used to help someone and just the words together. Is there some sort of beef between MA and tomos people? I thought this was strange as I was just offering help to someone. I guess dont offer help on their forum.

Re: I tried to help a tomos guy

LOL, its just on that forum. Its pretty dead these days anyway.

Re: I tried to help a tomos guy

Thats sad. I know which site you speak of and there are about 5 guys who know what they are talking about and like 10 posts a day like "Whats a biturbo? Are they the best? How do I do nitrous?" No No, they are even lamer and say NOS. I can see why its not very popular.

Re: I tried to help a tomos guy

Organ Robbin' /

I just couldnt believe that a site would restrict words like moped and army. I mean porn or XXX or fuck or something but I was just trying to help somebody out and they wont let the words be put together. Well so much for that. I am not going to help out at that site anymore.

Dont worry MA, I wasnt cheating on you, I was just looking up info about A35's and A55 Tomos motors and stumbled across that site. Apprently its no good, because they dont even want people to become more knowlegable about tomos peds, no wonder they have a reputation for running out of oil.... thats a tomos joke if you didnt get it.

I < 3MA 4EVZ

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