Tomos top end problem, only runs with choke


I just took the polini kit off my 2000 tomos targa lx. Im sellin it soon, so I had to convert it back to stock.

Anyways, I used a new base gasket, and installed everything correctly. I go to start it, it runs with teh choke, when i take the choke off, it just dies.

And its weird because it goes over 15 mph with NO gas on the choke. Sounds like an INTAKE leak to me, but im not sure. I am using the old gaskets on the intake and i did take the reedvalve off, and that seemed to break a seal. Its weird, but it cant be an engine seal because it was running 2 hrs ago with the kit. I double checked the carb, cleaned it really well again.


Thanks for the help

Re: Tomos top end problem, only runs with choke

Chris MWH /

Best bet is to put it in a dumpster and light it afire!

Check it for air leaks and go with some new gaskets if needed .

Chris MWH

Your carb is loose.

See where the intake comes off the cylinder ?

See where the carb hooks on ?

See that screw that tightens the carb onto that intake ?

90% chance that your problem is right there, either the carb is loose, or the manifold isn't mating correctly to the carb, especially if it's been changed or the plastic shim piece is the wrong size.

05% change that the plastic top of the carb is the leak, but that's pretty rare.

Checkin those two things is very likely to solve your problem.... and if it doesn't, howl.


clean the carb?

try that if Ree's suggestion doesn't work. It's getting too little fuel, or too much air.

Still tryin

I tried using gasket sealent around the reedvalve assembly wiht gaskets. I checked the carb, its perfectly clean.

I suspect the reed valve. How much is it supposed to open for a stock A35. It seems to open maybe 5-7 mm max. I can bend the pedal to make it open more, but im not sure where its supposed to be.

Re: Still tryin

try spraying carb cleaner around.

I cant figure it out :(

I sprayed ALL around the reedvalve, tried new gaskets on it,

It will go 35 mph with slight gas with the choke. that is weird it should just stall.

I dont get it.


For all that didnt know, between the carb bushing on a tomos, there is a rubber sealing disc. Chris MWH pointed it out and I lost a 1 buck bet LOL.

Seriously I had NO idea there was something other than a bushing, from now on Ill check that.

Thanks everyone

Re: Solved

Chris MWH /


I will take that visa, mc, discover ,cash, or check....

Chris MWH

Re: Solved

Ill do cash, but I also need a fly whl pullter so I can keep that condenser setup up right :)

Thanks for helpin with that, i spent hours and u just knew it, U sure know your shit.

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