Trac questions

gimmyjimmy /

1987 Trac Clipper

What type of oil is used in the tranny? the guy has 80wt gear oil in it now.

It has a Mikuni carb, what is the small collar above the throttle slide for? a limiter of some kind?, it restricts the slide from opening fully.

thanks in advance guys.

Re: Trac questions

Chris MWH /

Type F automatic trans fluid is what goes in there. For those of you with tracs That have the Dalim engine that need any clutch/trans parts here is a tip for you. All of the trans parts are identical and interchangeable with the Tomos A3 engine.

Chris MWH

Re: Trac questions

gimmyjimmy /

thanks Chris,

anyone know about this Mikuni collar/spacer thing?

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