How to make a moped seat cover?

Does anyone have a good way to make a moped seat? I called up a bunch of upholstery shops and they all want $55-95. That is way to much for a seat cover in my opinion. Anyway, anyone idea, tips?

Re: How to make a moped seat cover?

Matt Lorence /

tie a towel around a 1"x 6" plank, use nails to hold the towel inplace. That works for chopper minibikes anyway...

Re: How to make a moped seat cover?

must be California , all the seats 1 or 2 person $35 - 40 and a fine job,

Re: How to make a moped seat cover?

my neighbor had a leather one made by someone i believe at akron moped for his puch maxi and it cost him 55.00 but it was the best i have ever seen! great job all rolled and pleated like factory. what a difference. welll worth the 55.00. if it wasnt akron moped someone there knows guy that does them. tom at cleveland moped recomended them. thanks tom!

Re: How to make a moped seat cover?

i dont have the money at the moment to get it pro done. i spent $100 on the bike. i think its silly to spend more than half the cost on a seat cover. id rather make one.

Re: How to make a moped seat cover?

well then mak one...

Re: How to make a moped seat cover?

read the topic, genius.

Re: How to make a moped seat cover?

It's very simple. First of all you've got to have a sewing machine, or know someone who can sew, like a mom, aunt, or girlfriend. If you can sew then better still. Make a paper pattern of the top part of the seat preferably with heavy shopping bag paper. Then make another pattern of the section of the seat curving downwards and let it extend about 5 to 6 inches further. On this extension you will have it sewn in a way that you can insert a drawstring, just like sweatpants. Finally have the two patterns sewn together by the inside. Good Luck, and happy sewing..........

Re: Go to a cheaper part of town

I found the most reasonable prices for me were in El Monte.

But it also helped to speak Spanish to the guys in the shop!

What area do you live in?


Thanks bob..

Thats the kinda stuff I was looking for. :)

Re: Go to a cheaper part of town

Im in Los Angeles area.

Re: How to make a moped seat cover?

SlowPeder /

i got 2 words for you DUCK TAPE, can't get any cheaper and it works great .....

Re: How to make a moped seat cover?

Im not covering my seat with duct tape.

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They do make black duct tape now too. You could do it in any number of pattrens or styles. I think it'd be cool to cover cloth with the duct tape and then make a slip-cover style seat cover for it.-- the way bob described it.

You could weave the tape like it's plaid or something- maby even make accent stripes to match on your ped.

I would, but my seat is still pretty good.

Actually I think fake fur would be the way to go.

Re: How to make a moped seat cover?

John Purchase /

Here you go ham...

Take the seat off your bike. (Easier to deal with it that way.)

Buy the fabric. Marine vinyl works best in the rain and sun. (6 bucks for a yard last weekend at JoAnn fabrics.)

Lay the fabric, inside out, on the seat.

Fold it down over the edges as though you were wrapping a Christmas present. You'll have extra fabric at all the corners where the sides meet the front and back of the seat. This is where you'll want to pin the fabric together, then sew it. Once it's sewed, cut off the extra fabric.

(Make sense so far?)

By doing it inside out, once everyting is sewed, you can flip it right-side-out, and it should have a snug fit on your seat.

Wrap the extra fabric under the seat, and sew it from one side to the other, and front to back to tighten it up even more. (Be sure to keep the seat mounting brackets exposed. You can cut slits for them to stick through.)

You can also use fabric glue on the top of the seat when you slip it back on. (Don't use it on the sides though, it'll bunch up on you.)

Be sure you use good heavy-duty thread, as the seems will carry a lot of stress.

This is the procedure used on my seat, and it came out looking pretty good. I'll post a pic before too long so you can see it.

Good luck!



Re: How to make a moped seat cover?

Good post, stales!

I'd like to add that you can buy a yard of naugahide (sp?) or vinyl at a fabric and/or craft store probably pretty cheap to cover your seat. You might also want to buy a piece of foam while you're at the store to add some padding. Cut the foam to fit the top of the seat then glue it on with some Aleene's Tacky glue (they sell it at most craft stores). If you tell a salesperson at the craft store what you're trying to do, chances are they'll give you some tips. Maybe you could even bring the seat in with you and they'll tell you how much material you'll need.

One more thing--whatever material you use, make sure it is fairly strong and waterproof so it will last.

Good luck!

Re: How to make a moped seat cover?

Exactly what I needed. Thanks! :D

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