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I have a question that for some reason or another i think you may have the answer too. This is entirely a hypothetical situation.

My question is about the evaporation point of methanol vs ethanol. One is around 148 and the other is around 173. I think. When someone is trying to get rid of the methanol you should hold the temperature at around 148. and then when you want the ethanol you hold it at around 173. But where would you measure the temperature from? Would you measure liquid temperature or air temperature or gas temperature?

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Oh man, I'm no chemist! hahhaa I have no idea, but my guess is for #1; liquid. On the other hand, maybe it's the temperature of the heating device you would use.

What are you trying to do? Thaw wings off of an aircraft?

I'm still trying to put a few harmonographs together, and with a HUGE dive under my stairs I ventured into the _Ten Years Gone_ area that was a giant dust filled expedition, to the box of this stuff. I was overcome, and the dust became one with me for awhile. Not pleasent.


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you trying to make meth

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