finally! a good ride!

Matt Lorence /

Well, I tore down the carb on my 50V again today, but this time, drained the gas into a clear bottle (all the gas, I have no petcock). I looked in confusion as the gas filling the bottle, looked more like coffee. What happened? something got in there that shouldnt have been. Small amounts of gas in the line, or looking at it as i poured the same gas back into the tank hundreds of times looked like normal gas does when its mixed with oil, but this stuff, i dont know. I changed the gas, and it started right up, but it still wont idle!! AARRGGHH!! Good thing I dont drive less then full throttle, because I took it for a ride. I probably put on about 20-25 miles, all back roads, past farms and damn dogs that like to chase things. It was fun, I started to lose the nut on my muffler as I reached my turnaround, so I borrowed a wrench from someones garage. Wish they were there so I could say thanks. I got about halfway back, and I did finally lose that nut, but a good ride otherwise. Tomorrow I'll buy a couple of nuts, and see if I cant dig up some locktite somewhere. My moped is a 30mph model, but it only hits 25, then sounds kinda like its 4 stroking. Should I try a different jet, would that give me the extra speed, and allow it to idle? The funny part is that before this whole bad gas deal, it would idle fine, and would run about 30. I KNOW my carb is clean, I have gone thru it with all sorts of cleaners, and little wires to clean up the holes in the jet.

Re: finally! a good ride!

Hi Matt,

sounds like a blocked idle jet / fuel or airway in the carb. Best to clean it using compressed air as wire can damage the jets.


Re: finally! a good ride!

Matt Lorence /

I would think that, but the entire carb is spotless from the multiple cleanings with air, wires, and carb cleaner. Also, thanks for responding, seems I can never get any answers to serious stuff, but can help rack up huge responses in the more leisure threads. (see: tattoos) If it wasnt dirt, what would your next guess be?

Re: finally! a good ride!

Well part of the problem is - your story has about 15 'implied' questions.

.. and you have missed some of the 'homework' explained in 'the guide'..... as in .. what does the spark plug look like after a high speed plug chop ?

Thats how you determine whether the main jet is too big or not.

As far as the petcock .. and stuff in the gas tank.

If you have 'something' turning the gas a diff color .. then you could easily KEEP getting crud from the gas tank into the cleaned carb right ?

You didn't mention an inline gas filter ... get a paper element one and install it if you don't have one.

Petcock ?... you NEED one .. go to a lawnmower shop and buy an inline plastic petcock.. $5

Hows you compression ?

(test with a guage if possible - autoparts stores will rent one for a few minutes for $5 .. test with throttle open)

Re: finally! a good ride!

Matt Lorence /

Sorry, Im getting lazy... my only question was whether a different jet would help. I dont have a petcock, or a filter, but I do have a spotless tank, and fresh gas, and have never actually gotten dirt out of the carb, theres just never been anything there. I guess I should add that filter to my shopping list of nuts and locktite. As for a plug chop, I was getting a nice tan color early on, but didnt get to check it once I had driven a few miles, since I figured the muffler falling apart would mess with it. I should have phrased my sentance about the gas better, Im not really wondering what was up with it, I kinda knew the gas wasnt REAL fresh, but I dont remember it being that dark when it went into my moped mixed-gas can. Thanks again.


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