so who sneaks out to ride?

right after everyone was in bed tonight - seriously i didn't wait five minutes - i had my plan. got my tool bag, got some smokes (...have a smoke first...), and ride. i got my helmet stolen earlier in the day (don't leave your helmet with your bike unless you lock it!! ordered a new full face an hour ago, but in the meantime..), and was enjoying the cool air on my my head as i went for a ride around town. stopped at a stoplight, lit a clove while an suv full of notre dame kids smiled at me - not quite laughing, sort of curious and interested - and then raced them off the line at the green. kicked their toyota ass on my stock moby. i like riding with a smoke in my mouth. i feel badass, and the nic buzz is such a plus, adds to the 2 stroke buzz. that's why i'm out after 1am, though. i'm after the 2 stroke buzz.

anyone else sneak out for a ride when everyone else is in bed?

Re: so who sneaks out to ride?

a friend of mine had a trap door he made in his bedroom to sneak out and ride with our crew.

Re: so who sneaks out to ride?

Mopeds and cloves and late-night rides to no where in particular. Yes.

Re: so who sneaks out to ride?

I seriously rode at four this morning. I was sitting here, and it struck me. The need to cruiz. Went out and buzzed around for an hour. I need a better head light. its not bright nor projects far enough. If I was to kit it, I'd out drive the shit out of my head lights.

I dig my ped like nothing else. Its completely difrent from any other hobby I've ever had. I get such a kick out of riding it... its wierd.

I catch my self talking to people about it, like they have a clue what I'm saying. 70cc this and Delortto that, case matching and drop bars. They just cock their heads and look stumped. "Its just a moped, lol" Not at all. Not to me.

I guess, its like my anti-drug. Although I don't, nor never have done drugs... It keeps me buisy. Sharp wits type thing. And I have more fun than you know just thinking of things I could do to it.

But, yeah. I sneek out too. The thing is, I'm nuts for it, cause there Is litteraly NO ONE in my town that digs peds. DUI Mobiles, or Liquor Cycles.

Man, I can't wait to get my bars put back on. Had to replace the bearings in the neck. thinking about making some new bars out of som old ones... Thats another post. (Clip Ons... How about Slip Ons?)

Re: so who sneaks out to ride?

yeah I work from 4:30 pm till 3:00am so during the week I just terrorize this town durring the wee hours of the morning on the batavus. Getting dangerous tho latley with the walnuts falling off the trees, those things are deadley

Re: so who sneaks out to ride?

Nothing like the post-apocalyptic feel of riding down the empty streets. If only I could make it to the 24 Hour Diner in the next town without my wife noticing.

Re: so who sneaks out to ride?

mopedmaynard... That's what we call "Blastin" or "Treated!"

5:30am light skippin on my way home from work, nothing beats it!

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