OT--- Videogame thread (PS2?)

I'm assuming that most of us have the PS2---for their current video game system. I got to thinking because I just posted in "sightings" about a possible moped in GTA-Vice City--(more info as I get it)

Got me to thinking about what advice for PS2 games is out there. I have a few, I can review.... a couple I'd even suggest.

Wipeout Fusion--- best racing game ever. So cool awesome soundtrack-- Anti-gravity racing in hoverpods. I have it, I love it. I've hade all the wipeout series--this is the best yet. (still upper price range-- wait, it should drop soon)

Armored core II (just dropped to 20.00$) really fun, my current favorite game, becaus eI was such a huge Mechwarrior fan.

Tony Hawk three-- only videogame more addicting than actual substance abuse. Just dropped to 20$

Got Soul reaver-- haven't invested too much time. it looks fun, great graphics... a little bit too much of Tomb raider and puzzle solving for me. But, you ARE an angel whose ben ressurected as a wretched vampire with tattered wings...somewhere between human, bat and spirit.

State of emergency--- Total bloodshed, violence and chaos. I'd but it again in a second. real arcade action. no frills, just grab a weapon and go nuts in the mall.

Red Faction.....Yuck, even for 20$

Gran tourismo... yuck, even for 20$

Dragons Lair 2 (the videodisc game) plays like the real thing on my VD player... doesn't run well on the Sony. (www.digitalleisure.com) they are doing DL 1 and Space ace...

GTA3.... must have.

Pretty much hooked on solving armored core II, right now, but I've been itching to get a new game, was wondering what you guys were playing.

I'd kind of like some suggestions for a decent priced ist person shooter that has a lot of gross effects and nasty monsters. Read a crummy review on Turok evolution.

I'll look at the rest of my games at home, rate them good or bad. I don't have that many....

Oh, yeah-- virtura fighter 4.... a LOT of fun... I consider it a "must have" ...still a bit pricy.

Any suggestions-- appreciated---!

Re: OT--- Videogame thread (PS2?)

Gran tourismo 2 is a good game but Gran tourismo 3 is crapy

Re: OT--- Videogame thread (PS2?)

Bow to da master...

GTA3 is nice, but a bit repetative, I wish they'd given you a little bit more to do, myself, although jumping the passenger bridge near your start point with a bus while doing a 360 barrell roll did have it's high points...

(Rented, did not buy...yet)

Just bagged SOCOM: US Navy SEALs with a network adaptor on order, it's right nice for a 1st/3rd person shooter, even if your AI team mates are unbelievably stupid and useless.

Still, being able to shoot at people with a Barret Light .50 just sends me into giggle fits... yes, I'm sick, I know..

While not a 1st person "shooter", Mark of Kri gets a mention here for ya, Wayne... it might appeal to your sick sense of humor, cause it's really strange, in a way.

The graphics are VERY "Disney-esque" but it's a very bloody, brutal game, and it's just very, very wrong, in a creepy-subtle kinda way to watch characters that seem to have popped out of a Disney flick get bloodily slaughtered.

Medal of Honor: Frontline is probably the closest thing to a straight-up first person shooter that would appeal to you, but the series is kinda primitive in graphics and game engine, which kinda detracts, but it's a solid game for all that.

Don't bother with Headhunter, it's pretty pathetic, I rented it and returned it early, which, coming from me, is a pretty deep insult to a games quality.

Mechwarrior, eh ?

Too bad there's few places to go head to head any more, I'd love to see your response to my Razorwolf and Turbocrab custom designs... they made mincemeat out of many a mech back in the days of yore...

Been a hardcore gamer since Coleco Telstar, so there's few folks who'd dare anymore, especially at my all-time fav multiplayer net-game, Descent II.


Re: OT--- Videogame thread (PS2?)

Descent II is the greatest MP Net-game ever created. I was over in Dublin, Ireland on business when Descent I was realeased (several motnths before the US release) and we didn't sleep the entire time we were there. We spent all night playing net-descent on the PC's at work and then people would show up in the morning and we'd work all day.

I don't have a PS or PS2 but I think I have every other console ever created. The whole Sony marketing machine just rubbed me kind of wrong.

Re: OT--- Videogame thread (PS2?)

Keith Wallace /

As you said: GTA 3 is a must. I already have my copy of vice city on hold for the release date (10/22), so if we don't find out before then, I'll post whether I find a moped in it or not. I agree with trike- medal of honor frontline rocks, but the graphics are average. A fun first person shooter with better graphics is max payne. Coincidentally, its made by the folks at rockstar who made gta 3. Other fun ones are tony hawk 3, and NHL 2002.



No Moped in GTA Vice City :(

I think the moped was misinformation. The article he was referring to made a comparison.... something compared to a moped. In reading it quickly, he thought it was saying there was a moped in the game.


The fellow who tole me..... he felt bad--- I got all exited about fleeing from the police on a moped. He let me know this morning.....

the word "Moped" was in the article, but not as something that will appear in the game......

(of course...we can always look for them.... who knows)

Re: No Moped in GTA Vice City :(

Grand Theft Auto is da shit!!!

Where else can you; Shoot people, beat a cop up and STEAL his patrol car (!!!), earn life points by getting a hooker to blow you, then beat her up after she's finished 'servicing' you to get your money back, drive like a maniac...

So close to real life, you'll start to belive you're part of the game (giggle)

tony hawk pro skater

i don thave ps2 but i have tony hawk 2 fo rmy computer and it is so addictiing, i am crazy about it cant wait to

get 3

Re: OT--- Videogame thread (PS2?)

I want to download some form the net.. how do i burn them or convert them so i can play on the ps2.. i am sue i can download the games form kazzaa.. anything i need to do or know about it?

Re: OT--- Videogame thread (PS2?)

so much harder than burning PS1 games. and the mod is much harder, the circuit boards much tinier. We've copied DVD's, but I don't think PS2's are very easy to mod.

a copied game is no good, unless your machine thinks it's a real one----same reason you can't play import games... the boot code (which writers can't write) is always invalid on the copies

Re: OT--- Videogame thread (PS2?)

mikeconsig /

For all the DJs, or guys who just like beats, Get Frequency.

It's basically a game where u remix songs. Lotsa fun for the whole family

Re: OT--- Videogame thread (PS2?)

I found boot disks on Kazaaa and mod less thing you can do.. using cdrwin or something.. Not sure about all those ill ask mike.. he broke windows xp and all our freinds have copied versions with codes ... even fooled microsoft as we were able to download and install the service packs.

hes a damn genuis though.. he built our computers and stole all our games.. we have big lan parties where 10 or 12 of us go over to a friend all hook up and play games together.

he has a freakin t1 so we even play online games.. a big advantage to have you whole guild or team sittin in the same room with you... hehe

Re: OT--- Videogame thread (PS2?)

Mikes the same guy that 1000 shares of worldcom shares when it hit 2 cents and sold when I whent back to 9 he made out like a banshee in a few days... i wish i had a little know how like him.. he also buys cd's in 10,000 sets from ebay for cheap then repacks them in 10 cd sets... i said he sells 100 and he makes his money back....

i wish i could make some quick money .... no dope envolved..


There's a USB chip for PS2 which rigs to the USB port, requiring only a single wire in the case to be jumpered, and a gameshark2 device.

I've a chipped PS1, and that was much more difficult.

Mostly, I'll shell out for a game if it's worth the money, but it's a strange kinda situation... the game companies most solid defense against piracy is to keep the game prices at where it's almost as simple to purchase them - BUT, what keeps them there is that very threat.

Don't believe game company propoganda that game prices would go down if they eliminated piracy, if that threat was removed, it would return to the problems of the mid-80's, with game prices being extraordinarly high for low quality crap.

It's a tenous balance, in this - and congress/lawmaker interference to help establish corporate "lock" on the matter isn't exactly helping.

All that aside, if I feel a game manufacture has earned the money, they'll get it, but some companies who choose to charge outrageous prices for garbage - they deserve what they get.

The best use of mod-chipping is to archive your existing games so you're not risking the originals, but game companies cannot seem to be made to understand this.

It's not that difficult, but do your homework on it first, and try to order from a source that's not likely to be intercepted by DMCA Copyright Nazis.


Videogame thread (PS2) Top 10!!


I usually go here for my reviews, and I noticed they put up a "top 10" of all time for the PS2. I have 5 of the 10, so I can give advice on those...



Tony Hawk

Devil May Cry

Armored core 2

The only sports I like are the ones you DONT usually see on sunday. So, the snowboarding game looks cool, but I'm not buying any of the sports ones. Tony Hawk is Sooooo addicting.

Wipeout FUSION (mentioned in the first post) is an incredible racing game.... but no wheels, anti-grav racing. FAST... and fun.

Anyway-- those are the editors at GameRevolution's favorite pics. The cool part is that (from the link at top) each one had a lengthy review and most of the "top 10" have dropped to 19.99.

Armored core II ver' good.

OT--- Videogame thread (PS2?)

i dont do ps 2 i like my nes :)


Re: No Moped in GTA Vice City :(

I read an article in some gaming mag at someones house called "top 25 reasons you'll love GTA:Vice city." and one sentence contained a phrase like "and if you're not jacking someone's moped, you'll be..." Plus, there's supposed to be 4 different motorcycles in it and golf carts.

Moped in GTA Vice City :)

So, maybe it is true?? cool. I'm sure that was the same article my friend read. the 25 things you'll love and the 5 things you wont...

Perhaps there IS a moped.

Moped in GTA Vice City :)

that would be great!!!!!!!!! :>).................paul

Re: OT--- Videogame thread (PS2?)

Why! don

are those 8-tracks?

I thought cartridge games went out with the atari 2600


do you still have a working betamax?

I apologize, but harassing the luddites is always a spot of fun.

You can put those cartridges right next to the dial-telephone... in the recycle bin. You could find rom's for most of those games anyhow....run them on your PC.

Simon has one of those old HUGE laserdisk players. That's old stuff.

I could hardly play my PS1 stuff after seeing the PS2 graphics.

My friend who got a game cube (a toy for kids) finally recognized the error of his ways and got a PS2. he's keeping the cube, but woke up to the better platform and wider game selection.

I guess it's the game developers who REALLY decide if a console is gonna fly or not.

well trike

I do agree about copying your games not to mess the originals up.. but not me.. I have never paid for softeware.. nor music.. nor plants.. there just some things i dont think we should pay for...

Games.. is a game worth 50 bucks.. thats 5 hours worth of work for me.... nah... its not.

Music... With as much bullshit perks muscicians get for there job a hard working mother fucker like me doens't get shit... they should stop beitching sit in there armani suits in there streched navagater looking at there huge diamond crapola

and remember if it wasn't for the poor fucks like mem aking them popular they wouldn't have all that FREE shit they get...

oh and plants.... the way I see it.. if it was grown fromt eh earth its everyones property.. no i dont want to go steal your house plant.. but if im out inthe woods and see a cool looking sapling damn right ima dig it up and plant it at my house. If i'm out walking and hungry and i see a peach tree.. im eating some damn peaches.

or if I see a nice plant that I enjoy at a walmart or somewhere i will take me a piece home and grow my own..

I have a wierd philosophy....

I still have a hard time beliveing that every square inch in this country is owned by someone.. I wish i could get an old law book in navada or somewhere and find something about making a land claim for gold mining or something and just take over some unused land.. i woudln't be greedy.. only need an acre or so.maybe some state had something that said you could stake you out some unclaimed land fill a paper saying it was yoursand if noone else could say they owned it youcould by it from the state for 15 cents an acre or something written a 100 years ago but was over looked and make the government honor it... that would be sweet.

Re: Piracy

Duck, I agree to a degree. but, coming from a macintosh perspective, I think it is VERY important to my own interests that I pay for good games.

I have copies of any computer game I buy, before I buy it. But, Diablo and Diablo expansion... I think they deserved the money.

Descent 3--- that deserved my money.

others, too. Starcraft.... lots more. The point is, if EVERYONE pirates the mac software, there's less and less developers porting it. the profit incentive drives business--so in the end, 'specially on the smaller platform, you're hurting yourself by pirating.

This does NOT mean shelling out 65 bucks for every slice of crap. You can take the stance that "all information should be free"

philosophically, I can't argue. ALL information SHOULD be free. But, we're in a real world where money talks.

If you own a mac, and are proud you've never paid for a single slice of software or shareware, you're actually hurting everyone else.

Now, DVD's--- those are a whole different story, in my opinion. Hollywood deserves to get it.

finally, music. What makes little bands like the squirrel nut zippers keep releasing albums? one of the best bands in the world. profit. when it becomes less profitable to have a job than to make albums, they'll stop.

what can you do--- if you've got a huge Mp3 collection.... how can you not feel guilty.....?

no guilt when:

1. if the artist is dead.

2. the stuff is in limbo-- in between releases or labels. thrill kill kult stuff was between labels and out of print for a long time.

3. the stuff is on the radio day in and day out. If you listen to it enough, it becomes your intellectual property..in a manner of speaking.

4. you make an honest effort to SEE the bands you pirate at every live show you possibly can....where a larger proportion of the profit goes to the artsist, not the label.

I think Mp3's are a great way for an unknown band to break through....cheap. but.... if you have particular taste in music, you need to support it. Just like I have an interest in making sure stuff makes money for Mac developers.

it's one thing if all you like is creedence and zeppelin, I guess.

But I like Tom Waits, Laibach, Squirrel Nuts... bands that don't make a lot of money for themselves or the labels to begin with. I feel very guilty when I play Tom waits stuff I haven't bought. Some is from the radio-- I taped it don't know the album name. But I've bought every other CD of his I could find. I feel like I owe him for his quality entertainment.



I got the Emz, and the Romz, but I also have the originals, straight up.

I collect em, in fact.


400 Cart/Cassette


5200 (mint)



Mattel Intellivision II

Coupla Telstars



PS1 (Chipped)


TI-99 4/A

Apple IIGS

Tandy 1000HX (Max expansion)

MAC II Server

IBM PC1 Model 5150 (Max expansion)

C64 with everything imaginable.

VIC-20 (New in box/Mint/Scientific instrument adaptor)

And yeah, working 8-track player and Betamax VCR.

It's mostly nostalgia value with me, but there's also some stuff that's still pretty awesome, even if the graphics aren't up to par with modern standards.

::Humming the original Zelda theme music, knowing it'll get stuck in everyones head and drive them crazy all day long now..:::


Re: Yep.

speaking of bootleg mp3's, I have System Of A Down doing 'The Theme From The Legend Of Zelda'...

most kewl, definitely warped.

Something for ya, Duck.

Stumbled on this while reading a Brit newspaper, figured you would get a bang out of it.


Just about everything they say applies to the US market as well.


Re: OT--- Videogame thread (PS2?)

J.Frank T. /

The info about GTA vice is cool but what is all this other video game shit? This site is about mopeds.

Re: OT--- Videogame thread (PS2?)

This site is about community and friendship surrounding the common link created by the shared interest in riding, buying, selling, repairing and wiping out on mopeds.

The mopeds don't ride themselves. And this isn't a Tech Support forum either.

People like things other than mopeds. Once you start talking regularly with a person, you like to know things about them. That's why "OT" threads are good.

For example, I know not to race any mopeds towing a trailer w/kayak. Is this a Kayak forum? Maybe an Eskimo forum? Nope.

If a thread doesn't have any merit and is off-topic 'spam' or clutter---it gets closed and archived. That prevents stupid threads from getting out of control.

I'm curious why you read the thread if you weren't interested....?

kind of a catch-22, eh?


Re: OT--- Videogame thread (PS2?)

Wayne.. I agree with your post almost 100%

I don't play any normaly games like nintendo playsation or even just normal computer games..

I enjoy exclusivly online games...

I play a game tha TI have played for 5 years called ultima online.. it is an ever revolving never endeding virtual world game that is made up of 23,000 other real players at all times of the world all at once. It is Awesome.. However when we first baught the game way back when there was no mention of it requireing a monthly subscription of 10 bucks.. we all felt scrwed but went ahead and played.. payed or 10 bucks a month.. there is alot of patches.. upgrades that are used to fix known bugs issues and stuff liket hat.. as well as impletment some smaller new things.

However since they basicaly stopped growing they decided hey.. lets make these patches into a Expansion pack tha tyou have to have in order to play and keep up with everyone else.. under the guise of I'ts nice but not nessary to play the game.. (however it is very difficult not to have it and keep up with everyone) Now day about every 3 to 6 months theres anoutehr 10- 50 dollar upgrad eyou have to buy plus the 10 dollars a month... This is INSANE... if you calculate all i have spent fopr this game times the 23,000 people playing almost any time in the day your talking about million and millions if not billions. After 5 years im sure there has been less players over the years and there is still 23,000.

I will not pay for anoutehr "expansion" that i can just download for someone else.. they already got my hundreds of bucks and still get my 10 dollars....

But Check this shit.. I started playing a game called DAOC.

Daoc is anouther never ending online game with people playing all hours of the day for all over the world.. you

get the cd and a code.. it only works ONCE.. that means you cna't even install the cd on anouther computer you own.. or if you wipe your computer it wont fucking accept the old already in use code... I'm pissed i paid 40 bucks for this game.. and would like it on my other computer.. i pay 13 a month to play it... I should be allowed to put the god damn sofftware on 100 computers if i want to.. you can only log into an account one at a time anyways... like I couldn't be on mine.. then wayne you log on mine at your house at the same time.

So what is the damn point of not being allowed to put them on a diffren't computer.. plus if I do play on two copmputer that means i have 2 seperate accounts.. so they are making 26 a month... but why should i have to pay for two copies fo the damn software that i've already baught a license to use.

Re: OT--- Videogame thread (PS2?)

oh music wise... i wont pay for what i can sit in my truck and listen to for free sorry bro...

if it is a concert or an event fee to hear the music.. sure...

but not to sit in my own vehicle/home to listen to something that they spoke.

Anoputher thing is like this danm xm radio shit. why in the hell would you pay 10 a month to listen to radio.. sure you have more channles but you can only listen to one at a time.

and sure it is a service.. but a service that is free over fm... why not let advertisers pay for it instead of yourself.. we already spend too damn much on services that shouldn

t cost.. examples.. telephone.. a normaly telephone line shouldn't cost shit.. sure theres up keeo of the lines and yada yada... seems crazy.. also i have braod band.. since im a techy I almost hav3e to have it to compete in my online games and such.. but honestly am I the only one that feels like i am getting rapped by a phone company 50 a month

to split my phone line that i pay 25 a month for... total 75 bucks a damn month just for acess to information and freinds. It's just shouldn't cost you....

I remeber BBS days.. that didn't cost any money....

but it was exploited and somone saw the oppertunity.. just like the companies that can offer it free.. just do a little advertize ments.. for there profit.. thats kinda shitty.. they should do a service and not try and make money.. be non profit for helping the people as a whole become smarter and

inlighten the human race.. no way everyones trying to make a fucking dollar..

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