A Day in the Life, Part 2

- In order to avoid running out of gas at an inconvenient moment, I top off the gas tank. In my case, this means overfilling the tank and dumping gasoline on my shoes, allowing me to enjoy the fumes of distilled petroleum all day wherever I am.

- I ride the 8 miles from Eleven Mile and Coolidge to Telegraph and 14 Mile to attend my meeting. This is along familiar roads already well-established as preferred moped routes. I notice that it is DAMNED COLD out. Total time to cover 8 miles: 22 minutes.

- During my meeting, and anticipating the wind-chilled enhanced outside temperature, I ingest several cups of steaming coffee. Someone in the room asks if anyone smells gasoline.

Now comes the fun part, getting from Telegraph and 14 Mile to Haggerty and 7 Mile.

- I take Telegraph south to 13 Mile. This is not as bad as it sounds because Telegraph has a real nice shoulder.

- I turn west on 13 Mile to go across town. Big mistake. I learn that as nice as 13 Mile is to ride east of Telegraph, it is awful on the west. The entire route is plagued by NPS (No Paved Shoulder). In the occasional places where there is a right turn lane in which I can seek temporary shelter from the onslaught of traffic, the road is beat to hell (also known as

Re: A Day in the Life, Part 2

My wife's scoot has a clock built into the instrument panel--nifty touch-- I thought it was retro....

I want clocks on all my mopeds...even just those little sticky ones. good to see what you're making for time.

maybe get a mountain bike bottle holder, and fill a plastic soda bottle with 8 oz of gas or pre-mix...whatever you're running.

on my big cross-country trip next year, avoiding unnecessary gasloine stops will be important--- and I don't have that big a gas tank.

I'm thinking of a backpack with a 5 gallon.. (heavy for a long ride---) or some smaller containers for under the seat. anything to double the time between fuel ups......

As far as I can tell, the stopping for fuel ever 120 miles will be the biggest time killer on a cross country trip.

That's why I keep thinking "go route #1 south" they're will be stations every 25 miles.... probably closer.

Do you smell gas?

Re: A Day in the Life, Part 2

Oh, I've had days like that come in to work with black hands, and have to stuff envelopes- they all had smears on them (even after washing my hands) and that distinctive moped smell. All my work pants have at least one moped stain on them.

Suede and brown shoes always hit the muffler when you put your kickstand down.

I think my co-workers are used to it by now, but I can see someone opening one of our letters reading it, and then thinking to themselves "Is that gas?"

Re: A Day in the Life, Part 2

Matt Lorence /

Good thinking with the extra gas, but if it heats up, or you shake it much, it tends to vaporize, and expand. Not cool in a closed off bottle, or a backpack... How about a "moonshine tank" A little keg looking thing that you could maybe strap onto your forks, or maybe 2, for either side of the rear tire? Run a vent hose off the tops, and your good to go, in style no less!!

Re: A Day in the Life, Part 2

This is why I...

A - Have a snowmobile suit, and a collection of heavy jackets.

So I don't freeze my arse off.

B - Have a Trike with a massive rear frame and four respectable shocks with good multipurpose tires.

For that little RSRS problem, and NPS as well, since in a pinch I can bug out to an unpaved shoulder to let traffic by.

C - Have a TopTank/Injected model.

So that my range is assured without needing to top off.

D - Have a firmly established reputation as potential Bellevue customer.

No one bothers to ask me why I ride.

<Sniff, Sniff>...is that... gasoline I smell ?



Re: A Day in the Life, Part 2

John Lieberman /

Yeah, but your trike is so wide it takes up a whole lane!

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