fucking awesomness.

Ok, so for a while my moped has been seized up and has sat under my house for a while. just recently moved it back into the shed. Apon working on it I premix and put some gas it her just to see what it'd do. I kicked it and the kickstart wouldn't move. i got pissed off and smacked the head with a hammer in anger.I whent for a cig came back and kissed it on the bars and asked it to start for me.

With one swift kick she turned over letting out a loud growl and white smoke, as soon as the thick white smoke cleared the shed she was done sputtering and idled smoothly at a rest. I picked her up spun her around and flew full throttle out of my shed,through the yard and into the street. I flew down the road loudly gaining speed. Pressed the breaks, turned round and headed back home.

I love it when things like this happen.

Re: fucking awesomness.

And the gods high-fived for three hours.

Re: fucking awesomness.

yeah it was so rad. Think it had to do with the oil in the gas on me hitting it. hmm may never know.

Re: fucking awesomness.

Zack Rineer /


Re: fucking awesomness.

Hellz yes. Thats good man.

Re: fucking awesomness.

the only part i have to do now is get new screws for the engine covers and some loctite and a screw for my exhaust(one of the studs broke off). I also have to get the seat mounted further back also.

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