way ot but...

One of the best ways to feel better is to turn off the fucking tv! blast the music of your choice on your radio/cd player...depression evaps! I'm sure most of you know this but I'am old and had slipped away from music for a while...I'am back! Feeling better all the time! Best of luck to all of you! 93x rocks!

Re: way ot but...

Andrew Squiggman /

oh. ok. yeah. rock on 93x. yeah.

Re: way ot but...

You know what would help even more. Throw that box in the can.

Proud to say I've never owned a TV. When you think about it, doing pretty much anything is better than staring at a thought controlling box.

Rock on dood.

Re: way ot but...

***Kim Jong illest*** /

tvs are good for only 3 things, video games, LOST, and in my case, Wii internet

Re: way ot but...

I agree, except for Law and Order I hate my tv..they are like bug zappers for people!

Re: way ot but...

the only really good show on tv is Top Gear

but gut to watch funny shows like Its Always Sunny In Phillydelphia simpsons and family guy

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