read this shit

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October 16, 2006

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Re: read this shit

Re: read this shit

haha "that thing is 27 years old and will never run"

Re: read this shit

oh amateurs.

Re: read this shit

Yes bury it, then gimme a treasure map to find it!

Sounds like fun!


and people think _I'm_ stupid for wot I say...

Re: read this shit

check the inside of fuel tank for rust if it is bad part it out on ebay, if engine is free it should be able to run, not as good as a mobys chrome cylender...but still a good moped.

Re: read this shit

even if the engine isn't free it's still salvageable, remove jug, get a new piston and rings... etc, etc, basically what alot of us on here have done, well some of us, j/k

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