take THAT ya bitch ass SACHS!

***Kim Jong illest*** /

so yesterday we had a mini-sunset riders fix it day at my place. on the menu? 3 HONDA EXPRESSES. NIGHT OF THE LIVING NOPED! a few brake jobs and a throttle cable later and bam.

BUT for shits and giggles, louis was wanting to see if the dusty old sachs could run. ive got it to run a few times, only at wot and only on the stand, but never for more than a few seconds.

so lou gets on the sachs, perched on the curb on the stand to clear the rear wheel, and peddles his ass off. it starts a few times but dies unless at wot. i tell lou to hold it at wot and then ill push him off the curb, launching him to the open road.

a good push and WAM hes off and running. for the first time in 25 years the sachs lives. hella smokey but alive, he can ride it until he has to stop.

victories all around for the sunset riders

Re: take THAT ya bitch ass SACHS!

Hahahahahahaha wtg give that bitch a kick in the cunt and ride her like hell.Sachs can be a real pain in the ass but they are a good motor/moped.

Re: take THAT ya bitch ass SACHS!

sound fun launching a reved up bike into the streets of san fran and really safe.

j/k now make it idle

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