San jose Routes..

I'd like to get a thread going for everyone in the South Bay to map out good alternatives to busy streets... parallel gems that save moped lives?

Re: San jose Routes..

no groms no blasters /

Cherry Av instead of Meridian or Almaden Expwy

um, just go riding. I used to ride from the Almaden Valley to the old Andy's Barbecue using only back roads. You can't get lost! The brown hills are on the east and the green ones are on the west.

Re: San jose Routes..

Mattman MopedHead /

curtner is good for going between campbell and san jose, and there's a bike lane you can hang out in if you're riding stock. park is good if you're going between san jose and santa clara. if you're interested in riding with the mopedheads, email me. we usually ride sundays, but lately we've done some saturdays. and sometimes friday nights. if you've got a stock bike, hit us up, cause i'm organizing a mopedhead stock ride probably next friday to alviso.

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