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As you know most shops have a pretty firm "no warranty on performance parts" And basically a no warranty on any parts in my opinion.... The kits do come with a warranty against defects but it is always difficult to get warranties from manufacturers for such problems especially when the manufacturer is overseas. I do try to help out as much as possible when ever there is a problem with any parts sold by us. I do not have any type of warranty policy written in stone. I like to think that I am pretty liberal when it comes to warranties of which I usually take the hit. Not the manufacturer. The only reason I am able to take such a liberal view is by making sure the products I choose to sell are of high quality. There Are many Items that I get in that I simply don't offer for sale because I feel they will give problems so they usually end up on my personal bikes so I don't have to worry about customers having problems. Of course any work That we do We will guarantee. But again the terms are not set in stone. I could never bring myself to say "I am sorry but you only have a 30 day warranty it today is the 31st day". If I feel that a product has fallen short of its life expectancy or caused problems I will try to come through as best as possible for you.

For that variator. It is not going to be something I will be able to sell it is going on one of my personal rides. But I will try to get some pics of it real soon. (been meaning to get a lot of pictures done for the site for some time now).

Also Jets went out today 58 ad 60 though (no 59), still working on the sprocket however.

Miguel. I agree that you should make the moped perform correctly before doing any modifications to it. And the brakes suspension, Tires and such are important safety features that must be addressed before doing any modifications. As far as the engine is concerned however it is capable of withstanding much more horsepower and RPM than a stock engine so reliability in that aspect should not be a concern.

Chris MWH

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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