how much would you pay...

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for a used dell'orto carb? Im not sure on the specs for it, but its on the same model and year motobecane I have, so it should work. The moped was on ebay but didnt meet the reserve, and Im trying to get the guy to part out that carb, since the moped also has the origional (Gurtner) with it. How much do you think I could get the tool box covers for too.

Re: how much would you pay...

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dont make me bump this! Its just a simple question! AND I NEED AN ANSWER!

Re: how much would you pay...

you can get a dellorto carb w/o parting out a bike. but what is a carb worth? well, it always depends on how much you're willing to spend.

i think most moped shops sell a dellorto (complete) for around $50 (or more). but for a carb that's been used, i'd say no more than $25.

i can't really tell from your post, but i think you want the dellorto for a motobecane? it should work ... but i've heard there are a few problems making the conversion. the dellorto is really for italian mopeds (if it's a 12.12, 12.9, 14.14, or larger). if it's a 12.9 or 12.12, its' for a vespa and probably no good for anything else. however ... some dellortos were made for bikes that have separate choke cables ... i have no idea how those work or whatnot on non-italian bikes (which don't use that kidn of carb).

i don't know what tool box covers you are referring to, so i can't anwer that question. just go by what you're willing to spend, i guess.

finally, you have to be a bit more patient for answers. it might take more than a few hrs for someone to give an answer to your specific question.

Re: how much would you pay...


Re: how much would you pay...

offer 30$

hope it's jetted right for your bike.

Gunther carbs suck!


thanks guys

Matt Lorence /

: )

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