pulled over again

so i got pulled over once again tonight. the cop flashed his lights and i kindly pulled over. i was going 35 in a 35 by the way. heres kinda how the convo went

cop: who modified this moped?

me: its not modified all its got is a new exhaust

(not true. Del 16 sha w. techno circuit, regeared hits around 35)

cop:okay... what the hell is this? points to my bicycle headlight

me: its just a temporary light until i fix mine.

cop: when are you going to fix it.

me: i planned to this weekend

cop: well your license plate needs to be mounted horizontal.

me: im sorry sir i didnt know, i'll change it when i get home. would you like to see my license and registration?

cop: sure..

me: here you go

cop: do i need to look this up to make sure you have you endorsement?

me: no sir i got it around 3 or 4 months ago.

cop: well fix your shit and dont ride it until then.

yes he said fix your shit.

Re: pulled over again

well fix your shit!

Re: pulled over again

lol yeah i guess i have to.. i was being so careful to be on the look out for cops and the one time im not looking they got me

Re: pulled over again

happens to me all the time, mostly they just want to know what it is !!lol

Re: pulled over again

Actually one day I was about to make a right turn and I didnt realize it was "No right Turn on red" and right before I was going to turn I heard a cop behind me use his chirp to get me not to stop so I did. It was nice and he didnt even pull me over and jest let me ride on. Cops dont suck ass all the time.

Re: pulled over again

yeah the times that ive been pulled over they have been cool but its just annoying that they pull me over and waste my time..but i guess its all just to scare me. which im not.

Re: pulled over again

if you're ridin dirty you gotta have a mirror. just turn every time you see a car in whatever color your local cops roll in.

Re: pulled over again

yeah it was night though... those sneeky bastards. next time im gonna stick to the back roads.

Re: pulled over again

one time i was riding home at like 3am and i see a cop on foot walking toward me and I think "oh crap he's bored he's gonna hassle me if he realizes I'm a moped" so I try to ride casual and not draw any attention to myself when my headlight shorts out and starts flashing at him. He immediately starts flashing his flashlight back at me, and waving for me to pull over. I tell myself "he's on foot. Just fly past him and then turn down an alley, even if he catches you, you can say you didn't know he was a cop and you didn't understand his hand signals." I open up the throttle and go roaring straight at him, for like four seconds, then I run out of gas and end up coasting right up to him.

Re: pulled over again

that is funny

Re: pulled over again

A couple days ago we were on a routine ride and this cop got pissed because he was caught behind a car that wouldnt pass us. We got pulled over for "impeding traffic", going too slow, and holding up a whole line of cars.

As the officer tried to explain to us that we almost caused multiple accidents and could have killed people, backup arrived and happened to noticed the cigs in my pocket. Officer douchebag then realized i was only 17, confiscated my cigs, and searched me.

In his search, Officer Douchebag found 2 lighters in my pocket but somehow missed the "tobbaco pipe" and "bag of pipe tobacco" in my jacket pocket. We ended up only getting warnings for impeding traffic and one for underage ciggarettes, even though ohio law states mopeds may not exceed 20mph.

gotta love that shit

Re: pulled over again

Ϫ‡☄ಬ∞ ƀƖḬƝƊ ƤǂƿƎ ∞ಬ☄‡Ϫ - Hoke from Black Pipes Moped Gang /

robby just get the headlight fixed and remount the plate.

they won't pull you over unless they can figure out a reason to pull you over and give you a further inspection...

if your ped looks legal (ie head and tail light, and plate mounted UNDER the tail light so that its lit up) they will 99% of the time not even look at you.

the one time i got pulled over it was because i had no lights, i had strapped a flashlight onto the front, and he was all like "i'm just worried about your safety.... no one can see you" i just told hiim "oh i was on my way home my headlight broke TODAY and i'm going home"

the sideways plate thing, yeah, not many people know that the sideways plate is illegal... they will see that and light you up, and then proceed to figure out what else they can hit you with.....

always have an alibi prepared.... "i was at a friends house, the headlight blew a few hours ago, he had this bike light that i'm borrowing untill i get it fixed.... i was on my way home from there"

it sucks getting popped... so take the steps necessary for you to AVOID getting popped! i'm pretty sure cops in medina (like the ones in my neck of the woods) will only pop you if they think they can make something stick...

Re: pulled over again

Fuckin cops! Always picking on the little guy over nothing!

Re: pulled over again


Re: pulled over again

The cops around here just kinda look at me and give me a "huh?" look. They don't see many mopeds out here. I take the same routes and such, and they never bother me.

Never actually been pulled over on my moped. I don't think they really care

Re: pulled over again

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

Only time I've been hassled by a cop in town was for a busted tail light, ground came off. Tried to argue with him that only reflectors are needed in MI but he wouldn't have any of it. The conversation got interesting when I saw his eyes look up and asked why I had a party hat attached to my helmet. I just came from a friends b-day party and as a lark I put it on the helmet before leaving! I thought for sure I would be DUI tested but he just chuckled and told me to ride home safe.

Best three things to remember when pulled over: RELAX, be POLITE (yes sir/ma'am) and know your state's laws. Or carry a copy of them.

Re: pulled over again

yeah i told him i was on the way home from work and my headlight blew last week. and that im fixing it on saturday.

Re: pulled over again

cool story hansel.

Re: pulled over again

He must have forgot to say "bend over while I stick this in your asshole"

For some reason they feel an obligation to screw with people for no reason at all. Fuck half the cops dont even have a clue what the law says, they'll let you sort it out in court... fucking whaledongers!!!

Re: pulled over again

That is completely true!! Last time I went to court to fight a ticket, pretty much to just get an explanation of wot "traveling at an unsafe speed" meant. Since it didn't mean I was speeding...and the cop couldn't even tell me, nor was it the cop that wrote the damn citation!

Oh well, I'm glad I had stashed all my narcotics before they got there, it coulda been worse :p

Re: pulled over again

I'm always worried about getting pulled over they always want to search you.... sometimes its your anal cavity that takes the brunt of the force.

Same shit in a car. My dad got a ticket for following too close.. he said he was 5 or 6 cars back. He tried to fight it and the judge said "the cop had to have given you a ticket for a reason". WTF? They pretty much just dick you in everyway possible. I wish these people actually fought crime and shit... near where I stay in KC there are tons of cimes commited everyday, they would rather fuck you than some lowlife who has a gun. Its the whole "I'm bigger and have a gun, take your rich nice car/moped ass to jail. The homeless fuckers just continue to fuck up society and sit on the road. Why cant they take out the real trash. I guess the court system wouldnt make money if they just took in poor people.

Re: pulled over again

Exactly, it's just a money making venture. They never go after the gang members that they know have killed 6 people, they go for the lil modified white guy who is always having more fun than everyone else!

I've actually had three cops show up at my house before from a city 3+ hours away (by car lol) and surrounded my moms' house trying to get me to come out and they wanted to tackle me n shit cuz I was apparently classified as a "flight risk".

What bullshit! Don't they have better things to be wasting my tax dollars on???

Anywho, I wasn't even in that city at the time :)

But my mom DID say that she would have given me up...haven't trusted her with more than anything but knowing my work number now cuz of that.

Own mother tryin' ta sell me out...if it isn't the cops screwing me it's gotta be someone else, I s'pose...

Re: pulled over again

You should get your mom a shit samich for her b-day.

I dont get hassled all that much, but its because I try and stay away from cops as much as possible.

I also hate how everyone stands up for eachother in the court system, like everyone is a fucking angel. Its obvious some are worse than others but the good ones dont help when the let shit head cops/judges do fucked up shit. I thought their motto was "to serve and protect". I dont see any protection against robbers and other criminals, and serve means you have to stop eating donuts or talking on the phone long enough to do your fucking job!!!! The american court system is soo fucked up. Not only are meth heads after your money, but so are the police who are supposed to be stopping the meth heads....

Re: pulled over again

I agree. It sucks but keep your ped legal and they have no reason to stop you. Play by the rules and sue the fucking city if they do not! Best of luck to all!

Re: pulled over again

so stop bitching and join the police force, nuff said.

Re: pulled over again

That's not very fair. If your moped needs to be fixed, fix that shit! It will only look better with all the right parts on it. Otherwise, you have to know that riding dirty means that they WILL pull you over. It's only a matter of time. Of course, mine needs a lot of work too. I'm getting there!

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