avanti supersport carb.

does anyone no of a website or store in northern NJm where they have have a large supply of different moped parts. I need a avanti supersport carb, and dont know where to find one.


Re: avanti supersport carb.

You don't need an Avanti Supersport carb, you need a Dellorto. That's what it comes with, if I'm not mistaken.

Re: avanti supersport carb.

Since you have"kingbowl" in your user name, I had to show ya my King Bowler. It's a dime-operated arcade machine from 1958, and is loads of fun. And I also agree; look for a dellorto carburetor.

It's lane is 15 feet long. It's a King Bolwer, made by Chicago Coin.

Re: avanti supersport carb.

Fish tits Krauthamer /

i wanna play

Re: avanti supersport carb.

It is a Pacco, very similar to a delardo 13-13. If you have to buy a new one anyway, I would buy the Delardo 15.15. Treats HQ has one for $66. But if you simly must have the stock one, I might have a good contact for you.


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