PS50A and CT90

Hi folks

After about a year since i sold my motobecan i just got a 1973 Honda PS50A and a 1965 Honda CT90 for free from my grandpa.... i just took the seariously gumed up carbs off and need to go purchase a battery for both of em and they should be seeing the road very soon..thesebikes are oxadized from siting out for a million years but have under 1,000 miles on them and are complete...hopefully i'll post pics soon.


Re: PS50A and CT90

I've got some pics on my Honda 4-stroke site.

Honda PS50:

I don't have any pictures of a CT90, but I do have one of a CT50 (50cc instead of 90cc):

And numerous pictures of ST50's (different front forks and no protection bars):

Hope you like the pics.

Re: PS50A and CT90

Reeperette /

Issat CT90 Auto, or Clutch ?

I remember a couple models of the CT70/90 Series were Automatic, and I would not at all mind getting my hands on one.

Be careful on them tho..with the power to weight they've got, it's a suicide rocket ride if yer not prepared for it.


Re: PS50A and CT90

All CT's and ST's originally have an autoclutch. But a lot of people put a Honda SS50 or CD50 engine under it because of the manual clutch and the 4-geared gearbox instead of 3.

Re: PS50A and CT90

Yeh i have a ct70 and its all orginal right down to the the little screw from the locking gas cap that some how and it seems in possible made it alll the way down to the petcock but after i got it out it flie in 3 gear

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