Denver Thread

What is happening everyone? I am and will be working in and out of Denver for this month straight. I hope everything is going good, I haven't really talked to anyone in a while.

Re: Denver Thread

YAY!! Ryan!

We're here, apparently there's a ride tonight, I dunno.

I've been living in a hotel. Moped house basement flooded with our poop.

Wanna get KrUnK at a hotel??


Re: Denver Thread

Fuck, come stay here til its fixed. I leave tomorrow morning for 5 days.

Re: Denver Thread

I'm guessing the hotel is covered by management since your poop shouldn't be there? If so, awesome. If not.. eww.. poop..

Moped house people! I left my helmet at your house, ontop of the fridge or something, maroon fulmer AFD4. If someone can be a champ and bring it to Sputnick for me tomorow, I'll be there to pick it up/ride, I left the Sebring in Denver.

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