State wide MO Nite Ride!

Yes this is human from IRE here kids!

All Misery peoples who won a Moped must group up and ride tonite, Columbia, Sprinfield, St Joe, Blue Springs, Black Water, Hannibal, Troy...and especailly STL and KC....

RIDE AT 7pm tonite, take pics, post, enjoy!

Oh yeah and come to our rally 24-27th...minimal items will get you by on this one, we got your back on food and shelter.


Re: State wide MO Nite Ride!

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

KC and StL are in it to win it. You Columbia boys better represent. We need the trifecta.

Re: State wide MO Nite Ride!

I second that notion

Re: State wide MO Nite Ride!

Edward Richardson /

Do they have paved roads in Columbia,Mo? I heard they have tigers there.

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