Why 2 speeds trans on moped ?

Why some moped (Tomos, Puch Magnum2...) have 2 speeds transmission ?

The 2 speeds it's for what, they didn't go faster ?

They are difficult to repair...! They broke fast, make strange noise...

If i compare a PUCH MAXI and a MAGNUM2, the MAXI is faster in start and top speed then the MAGNUM2 !


Re: Why 2 speeds trans on moped ?

2 Speeds will kill a 1 speed on a hill from a start. A luxury feature back in the day.

When you go up a steep hill, thats when you like 2 speeds. I have it on my maxi and its great. Also on the tomos its great.

Re: Why 2 speeds trans on moped ?

The problem with most 2 speeds I have had is that they shift too late when they have to downshift on steep hills. The engine already is bogging.


I know it's related to the transmission, but what exactly is it and how does it work?



Re: Why 2 speeds trans on moped ?


But they didn't faster ???

Puch MAGNUM II , are they a good moped ?

Are they better of TOMOS ?

Re: Why 2 speeds trans on moped ?

I love my Magnum, but I'm putting a 1 speed on it with a Polini bore kit for more power. Two speeds don't hold up as well under long term abuse.

Re: variator?

A variator is a belt system. It's a variable speed transmission. All I know is that the rule! My Grande has a variator and there is no hill that I can't climb.

i think i got a 2 speed

umm i got a pc50 and i think it has a 2 speed and i will be puting it on the road soon and i was wundering can you feel it change like does it jurk you a bit. BILL

Re: i think i got a 2 speed

Antoine Caron-Jobin /

no pc50 are not two speed( my friend has one) but they have a 4 stroke engine and alot of torque.

Re: variator?

david f martin /

A variator works like the gears on a 15 or 20 speed bicycle. The front and rear pulleys adjust thier "size" to optimize the gearing for your engine rpm and actual speed. A variator is much smoother and mechanically simpler than a 2 speed transmission, and much more efficient.

Yup, variators kick ass.


Es-tu de Montr

Antoine Caron-Jobin, es-tu de Montr

Re: Es-tu de Montr

eh? es-tu habille au canada? j'habille au massachusetts, en Des Etats-Unis. Je parle francaise en l'ecole, mais je suis tres mauvais! Bienvenue


Toehead !!!

Hey wow !!!

Non tu

Re: Toehead !!!

Si tu lis bien le FRAN

I have to disagree,Tabpat!

My MO2 Franco-Morini is every bit as tough as a single-speed. The wear on the clutches is reduced by the gear reduction,AND having FOUR clutches to wear instead of 2. I DO agree though,that most 2-speeds downshift too late and lose their power curve before shifting(a problem I am trying to remedy someday on my Sebring).If you put that kit on a single-speed,you will really increase the strain on that single set of clutches,so if you don't live where the land is fairly flat,or you are really a light person(gears are VERY hard to beat for lengthening the life of a clutch and getting quicker take-offs), I would be pretty skeptical as to the advantage of a single-speed tranny.But let us know how you do,Tabpat! I have a coupla Minarellis I could try it on.Ha! don-ohio (:^)

non je ne suis pas de montr

antoine caron-jobin /

je ne suis pas de montr

Moi je suis de Montr

Ze Frenchmen /

Et j'en suis fier...

Re: Moi je suis de Montr

Ze Frenchmen /

Je suis all

Re: Moi je suis de Montr

Antoine Caron-Jobin /

ouin ctune bonne id

Re: Moi je suis de Montr

C'est vrai, regarde bien ca, ont va

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