The latest moped model in the world

Hi guys,come to see the latest moped model.

It's 4 stroke ,49cc ,2.5L oil tank,can be distance of 150km/h about if full of petrol .the max speed at 45-50km/h with good quality. can be pedalled as a bicycle if out of petrol.

Very easy to electric start .no any fault actually .

If anybody like it ,just call me.



Re: The latest moped model in the world

go fuck yourself.

Re: The latest moped model in the world

i second that motion

Re: The latest moped model in the world

god awful crap.

Re: The latest moped model in the world

Hey Alan get your company to make copies of the derbi variants and puch magnums and tell them that it should last more than a month before breaking down. This might get you some customers. If not take that other shit to pep boys


Re: The latest moped model in the world

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /


Re: The latest moped model in the world

I think I puked in my mouth a little.

Re: The latest moped model in the world

i like it other than the paint job

id buy one

Re: The latest moped model in the world

Ben Van Zoest /

Better than walking, remember in China 2cycles are history

don't knock it. At least they are building mopeds unlike our backwards country.


Thanks for concerning ,all of your guys.

Re: tks

ooooo man ....i feel bad....kinda....

Re: tks

how much is it and can we get them in USA

Re: tks

not available exporting to US. no EPA certified.

EEC certified ,mainly sell to EU.

Re: tks

This site is 98% US people.

Re: tks

no problem .

I meant to show you guys the new moped model actually.

4 stroke !

I guess almost all the mopeds old ones ,new ones are 2 stroke.


Re: tks

I could make that thing look soooo tight!

Re: The latest moped model in the world

Well, Noumanoped, I think we all thoguht you were just advertising, and trying to sell your chinese ped. We dont like the chinese scooters that are over here, nor the people who ride them. That is why you were met with such hostility. No one thought you would respond. We figured you were just spaming us.

But now that you stuck around, and it turns out you arent trying to sell us cheap junky peds, I think we can all like you.

Really, if you are into peds, we will welcome you with open arms.

I would like to apologize on the behalf of moped army for being mean to you. Please, tell us more about your job, and how you are involved in the design process. Im seriously interested.

Also, the chineese scooters that are over here are very very poorly made. Is the ped you make well made? or is it cheeply made for mass production.?

What was your involvement in its build?

Re: The latest moped model in the world

That was some good diplomacy huh? I should run for president.

Re: tks

How in the hell do you pedal it. It doesnt look like it has a pedal drive...

Re: tks

these are already in the US, ive seen one run one and rode one

Estart only works when warm

has an internal CVT/variator

Small 12mm carb

goes about 34 mph

will not take honda kits

Re: tks

THe attached pic is mising its pedals. If you look at the pic in his profile, it has pedals.

Re: tks

piece of shite. wtf. i just threw up on my expensive jeans

Re: tks

you know, you guys havent even seen this thing

its not all that bad, its not 1970s EU engeneering, but its better than most of the chinese stuff ive seen

im not saying i would buy one, nor am i defending it

Re: tks

i like this one and it does take the lifan top end kits and its sold in USA


Lifan motorcycle

it's very good model in China,made in Chongqing China .well ,the quality is very good .the engine is 70cc with gears. actually it is motorcycle not moped.

this model too old ,not selling good in China market.but now exporting good because of the reliable quality and cheap price.

Re: Lifan motorcycle

this one is automatic no gears

Re: Lifan motorcycle

I think it's awesome, and would totally buy one if parts were available. I like the idea of perpetuating the moped, and the best way to do that is to buy new ones. I appreciate vintage peds, but really, I like the idea that 10 years from now, there will still be mopeds being manufactured. And the only way that will happen is if people buy new bikes.

Re: Lifan motorcycle

jay is that a RC moto bike?

Re: Lifan motorcycle

if so send me some info

Re: Lifan motorcycle

quality china, lol i have heard that one before. i guess i can't really complain my bike was mass produced at a poor quality (or at least to a racers stander). i actually like it other than the orange but i guess that helps people see u.

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