Flyside seal........

.........Hmmmmm. Well,I guess they don't last forever. I racked my brain and checked everything according to Ron's great advice that Simon got for me(Thanks,Ron and Simon!)and it turned out that the flywheel side seal had completely blown from the engine case! So simple a problem,yet so hard to locate,when you're testing electrically. Anyway,I went to Handy Bikes and BJ had a new stator plate and coils and points and condensor,so I bought all that,plus the seals.NOTE: I learned from BJ that a Minarelli seal will interchange and is a much better seal than a Franco-Morini,so he sold me those for my MO2 engine.While I was up there,he had a TREMENDOUS buy on a NEW Franco-Morini MO2 engine,so I bought that also. The flyside seal and the sator plate got my Sebring back in time for the running of Ike's Ride 2 ! Ha! See ya! don-ohio (:^)

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