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Professor Luwig von Beauty /

I am doing research on how to make mopeds much more accessible and agreeable with other people, as well as making them much more enjoyable. I have already added a rocket function in place of an engine, as well as a sonic fold to minimize danger while doing stunts; however, I am in need of settings for the sonic fold, so that I can place it on the correct decibel level, so that it can allow maximum safety whilst also providing musical enjoyment. In order for the settings to be correct, I need to know what type of music the riders of mopeds listen to, so that I may offset the music/sonic fold problem. Please provide me with the type of music or specific music that you listen to.



Professor Ludwig von Beauty

Re: Vital Research

gimmiejimmie /

Brazilian jungle sounds mixed with Bach, REAL LOUD

Re: Vital Research

alternative baby!!!!!! some offspring mixed with a lil limp bizket and some blink 182 mixed in also.

Re: Vital Research

Ron Brown /

The theme music from "The Chain Saw Massacre"

Re: Vital Research

If i may i think i speak for most of the slack jawed yokels included my self LYNYRD SKYNYRD 24-7 YEH

Re: Vital Research

Evan, with a side order of 38 Special, Molly Hatchett, & Foghat

Re: Vital Research

Brandon E. /

Raining Blood by SLAYER! I'd bet money that the sound of it alone could physically kick someone's ass!

Re: Vital Research

Infested Bob /

I think I'd say White Zombie or Danzig. But the trick is to turn it up real loud when you come to a stop and then stare directly into the eyes of a motorist beside you while frowning and bobbing your head to the music. Maybe point forcibly at them once in a while, too, as if to say "YOU are really lucky I'm not kickin' YOUR ass".


Re: Vital Research

Reeperette /

Beethovens 9th, 1812 Overture, Any Wagner is good, Mahler too, the heavy stuff.

For just cruising you could kick back with Bach, or Handel if yer more the arrogant type, but Brahms and Chopin are right out (jeez I hate chopin).

But whether it's yer 1970 AAR Cuda or yer Old Tomos, nothin better than windin it all the way out to the Choral Harmony version of Mr B's 9th symphony.

Besides, you can head-bang to the 9th, if yer really hardcore, I've seen it done.


Re: Vital Research

Simon King /

Well, in American Style Violence, also known as the Moped Army movie we used: Jesuit, Photek, Orbital, and Acme. I think Acme came the closest.

Re: Vital Research

hey poco yeh that too rock on yeh

Re: Vital Research

it's gota be rock w/ a good beat ... i like "modern" rock like smiths, pixies, etc. ... and then also indie-rock and future-pop. but it's gota rock!

Re: Vital Research

i am a big fan of the locust.

Re: Vital Research

Johnny Barrett /

Has to be guns n roses....that or some Dark Drum n Bass

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