Bell GT Royale helmet...ripped off?

I've read some good reviews about these helmets by some of you, but also read about people being ripped off by "vintage" bell helmets that have been falling apart in a warehouse for years.

Also, they're old, from the 1980s. Are they still safe?

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somebody at gender bender got into an accident with one of those full faces and managed to break her jaw in like 3 places.

i still haven't returned mine i really need to get on that. Trevors did you end up getting your refund?

plus they are falling apart when you get them outta the box.

RIP OFF.....they look good though....on the shelf.

Re: Bell GT Royale helmet...ripped off?

thank you!!! I heard some people raving, perhaps they bought them somewhere else??

what about these guys?

they're not really hip or retro but they're discrete and supposedly really safe.

Re: Bell GT Royale helmet...ripped off?

sorry, these

Re: Bell GT Royale helmet...ripped off?

yeah those you just linked to would be great. get those anyday over the bell ones.

Re: Bell GT Royale helmet...ripped off?

The whole concept of vintage helmets is absurd, helmets are supposed to last 5 years till the foam deteriorates.

Re: Bell GT Royale helmet...ripped off?

those z1r helmets are pretty cool, you gotta love the flat black.

I didn't go discreet, I went biggest, goofiest crazy blue graphics and vents everywhere with the GMAX. It is comfortable and one of the best values I have seen in helmets. They do a lot of normal looking things also too.

Re: Bell GT Royale helmet...ripped off?

man those things are so fucking awesome looking. i wonder if there is anything you could do to make them stronger...

Re: Bell GT Royale helmet...ripped off?

moding a helmet or repairing a helmet in anyway past like a broken shield or stiching inside sounds like a horrible idea

Re: Bell GT Royale helmet...ripped off?

Just buy new and keep your rides vintage. It's not worth it to look 'retro' and risk that a helmet on the shelf wasn't kept in optimum conditions and is useless. Take the risk out of the equation - there are enough helmets out there on the market right now that will do a far better job protecting your noggin. Noah's right too, after 5 years, it's anyone's guess if it will do anything substantial to protect you in an accident.

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for the 100th time...don't buy vintage helmets for anything but decoration...unless you don't give a shit about your face and brain. i love vintage helmets...but helmets have a short lifespan for actually providing crash protection...and the lifespan of vintage helmets came and went decades ago...even if they are NOS or stored in the most ideal environments.

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my question is, does anybody make a similar full-face right now that actually looks cool?

this thread is making me worry about my 80's full-face helmet i got at goodwill the other day. but i never wear a helmet on anything but my MB5 anyway so im not that concerned really.

Re: Bell GT Royale helmet...ripped off?

you should worry about your 80's full face.

just get a plain simple full face from scorpion or hjc - they made solids that are not flashy and dumb.

gender bender made it painfully aware of how little old helmets protect your head and jaw. ...80's full face and still a broken jaw in 3 places.... that says something.

i used to hate the idea of wearing a fullface. but i found this simple plain white full face and i love it. and its new and i know it will protect my head. fuck have you ever hit your head before??? shits scary....

just keep looking till you find something new you like.

Re: Bell GT Royale helmet...ripped off?

I second the absurd awesomeness of those Gmax helmets. I have the red one with crosses on it. BONUS: it has LEDs on the back, which are great in an emergency if your tail light dies.

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