Older mopeds are ILLEGAL

gimmiejimmie /

Got your attention?

It appears the clowns in Washington are up to new tricks to screw with our lifestyle. EPA is introducing a new regulation effecting mopeds, scooters,motorcycles, ATVs... exhaust emission testing....(EPA Docket A-2000-01). This law would put excessive regulations on small engined vehicles and possibly eliminating older mopeds and prohibiting the production of replacement parts to keep them running.

Sounds scary, here's the docket info:


mopeds ARE NOT a significant source of pollution, and should not be treated as such. get pissed and contact your reps in congress.

What's next, a friggin catalytic converter on my BBQ grill?

let those who ride decide,


Re: Older mopeds are ILLEGAL

Ron Brown /

I may be reading this incorrectly, but I don't see anything that applies to older vehicles, only new manufacture. Am I missing something?


Re: Older mopeds are ILLEGAL

gimmiejimmie /

It will apply to all vehicles, new and old must pass the standards set by the EPA.

In my state there is emissions testing, if my truck fails the test, I must have it repaired. Until it does pass, it's illegal to drive, this new law will effect motorcycles to motorboats which have always been exempt.

Re: Older mopeds are ILLEGAL

Ron Brown /

We used to have emissions testing too, but only to the standards in effect on the date of manufacture.

Do you see some language in this proposal that I am missing? I only see where it applies to new/future manufacturing of engines.


Re: Older mopeds are ILLEGAL

This "proposal" if it becomes law, will only affect new manufacture.

Don't you worry, we can go ringa ding ding, and blow blue smoke for years to come.

Re: Older mopeds are ILLEGAL

gimmiejimmie /

I got an alert from a fellow biker who works for the gov't and I'm going to look into it more, apparently, the proposal has been recently updated.

I went to this page (it's not the update):


what a gigantic pile of governmental dung this page is, but this turd fell out:

section 202 (A) (3) (E)

bottom line, we do not need more government restrictions in our lives, it's bad enough that some states require peds to be registered, insured, inspected, smelled, licked, probed and whatever else the feds want, but emissions, come on.

There must have been a pissed off EPA bigshot stuck in DC traffic (probably a 100 car traffic jam with only 1 person per car) when a smiling mopeder sped by.

What's next, PETA bitchin about my leather tool bag?

When I find more info, I will surely post. F Jackie

gimmie jimmie

Re: Older mopeds are ILLEGAL

Reeperette /

>>we do not need more government restrictions in our lives, it's bad enough that some states require peds to be registered, insured, inspected, smelled, licked, probed and whatever else the feds want, but emissions, come on.<<

Could not have said that better myself.

I wonder what the resident of 1600 W Penn would DO if 40 of us decided to go turf shredding on his front lawn in protest ?

(Just kiddin, but the IMAGE in brings to mind, muaahahahahah!)

I know one thing for damn sure - I personally will NOT sumbit my 'ped to emissions, nor inspection....Michigan realized what a scam they are and most areas have done away with them, and damned if I will take that crap over my 'ped.

Let em give me a ticket, if they dare...I do believe one could convice a traffic judge of the utter idiocy of this, especially in Michigan, where everyone does 20 over the speed limit, and yon cop took the time to hassle a moped about emissions ? get real.


Re: Older mopeds are ILLEGAL

gimmiejimmie /

heres more on emission testing on bikes:


I doubt if anyone would voluntarily move to India, but if you do, New Delhi has banned the riding of bikes older than 15 yrs.old. This "end of life" law has already been in the works for bikes in Europe which means we can probably expect someone (EPA) to propose it here.

Re: Older mopeds are ILLEGAL

Ron Brown /

I agree that this would be a problem, and the manufacturer's would not be on our side for obvious reasons.

But before you loose sleep over this, assuming the "end of life" law was passed in New Delhi, keep in mind that small 2 strokes were probably responsible for 80+% of the polution caused by vehicles. In this country, vehicles tend to be junked when they get old instead of being repaired indefinitely.

I will join you in your panic when a law like this is proposed for the US, but I am not holding my breath.


Re: Older mopeds are ILLEGAL

gimmiejimmie /

Ron, I can assure you I am in no panic over this situation, I'm just spreading the word, man. So riders don't wake up someday and say "How in the hell did that happen?"

Maybe cars and trucks are junked when they get old, but certainly not bikes.

You should know that by visiting this site and seeing the posts regarding all the older bikes that the guys are restoring. My mopeds are 21 yrs.old and my Harley is 37 yrs.old and they are in still in excellent condition and I'll be damned if let the feds fuck with them.

Re: Older mopeds are ILLEGAL

Ron Brown /

Sorry, I did not mean to imply that old machines should be junked. I own several bikes and none are younger than 25 years except my peds which are only 22. My point was that as a percentage of "on the road" vehicles, they are very small.


So the percentage is small.

What the heck does that have to with a government making rules against it?


Governments make ineffective (even backfiring) stupid laws all the time.

(heard of utility deregulation in CAL ?)

What you don't know is this is actually a backdoor attempt in particular sponsored by the Sierra Club to close as much public land to any useage by the public as they can... Particularly off-road vehicles of any type (including bicycles in many cases).

They threw in street legal bikes to make it look more legitimate.

Instead using specifically banning the target vehicles from target land... they figured they could make emissions levels so stringent that almost no vehicles can pass them.. and thereby accomplish their goals.

And if you are considering if these rules would be "fair".... Consider this..

Large trucks, buses, all airplanes, and all boats have NO emissions limits.

And a motorcycle in general put out a LOT less pollution than your average large truck, or large airplane, or large boat.. Wouldn't you agree?

Now consider how many motorcycles you saw today...1?

Now consider how many large trucks you saw today...200?

Now say a large truck puts out 25 times the pollution as a bike.

200 x 25 = 5000 times as much pollution from large trucks than motorcycles (& peds).

Hmmmmmm... And yet the Government wants to put more restrictions on bikes?

Hmmmm... Do you get the feeling that the gov is trying to stab us in the back for some reason?

E-mail your favorite unrepresentative jackass and tell him (them) you don't want it.

It's supposed to be government for the people... Not government for special interest and lobbyists.

Re: Older mopeds are ILLEGAL

Yeh this crap sucks first they tell us we have to control our emissions pfff And whats more beside the point is the fact that mopeds are extremely fuel efficient have an extremely small amount of pollution anyways. I mean come on what do they want next us to put four sets of baffels in our exhaust or better yet a huge air filter . That just blows because my puch wont run fast unless the air filter is off. And once more we'll have to by premium gas because it makes for less pollution and then you know what they will do they'll jack the price up again so that instead of like $1.30 or so to fill you r tank it'll end up costing us aroun $3.50 every time in the the long run that adds up.

OH and now they are trying to tell us what to do for about 2 months they couldnt decide who the president was let alone have the intelligence to count ballots

To me Nelson Muntz said it best " Society Blows"


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