TIMING HELP!!!!!!!!!

Hey my Moped buddies would you be able to tell me how to set the timing and what the timing settings are i did it one way a guy told me and it did not work i just made it have no power to move the ped then i just seted it to any thing and it had a little more power hope you can help me set the timing.BILL

PC50 timing

I assume you are talking about ignition timing on a PC50 ?

As in .. the points ?

Re: PC50 timing

ya the points

Re: TIMING HELP!!!!!!!!!

o ya its a honda pc50

Re: PC50 timing

You know it is described in detail in 'the guide' right ?

Short version >

The points should be clean first right ?

Next .. rotate the flywheel till the points gap is about .014" .. (the range is .012 to .016 - use a feeler guage) .. adjust them till they are in that range.

Then .. find the 'F' mark on the outside of the flywheel.

Line it up with the mark on the engine case.

The points should JUST crack open when the F mark and the case mark line up.

(but don't set it by changing the gap you just set .. the points sit on a plate you can also move a little)

.. move that plate till the points open when the F mark lines up.

How do you know the points just opened ?

x Either just eyeball it (crude and inaccurate)

x Or use a cigarette paper in the points .. (it should just pull out when the points crack open when the F mark lines up as you rotate the flywheel)

x use an electrical meter

x use a light bulb and battery and wires (the points become a switch)

Note .. I've never worked on a PC50 ..but I am pretty sure it has a seoarate plate that the points sit on .. to set timing.

Re: PC50 timing

I dont get how to do that. it only has one sqrew and i use it to set the gap and what do i turn ajust it to open at the F mark??


i got a pic of one that kinda looks like it.....


Re: PC50 timing

So your points are inside the flywheel like that ?

OK .. sorry .. It probably DOESN"T have a separate plate to set timing then.

In that case just ignore the .014" point gap setting.

You will adjust the point gap to get the timing right.

So .. make it so the points 'break' right when the F mark passes the case mark.

Use the methods in my first post to figure out when they 'break' (open).

After you set it .. if you have access to a strobe (timing) light .. you can use the strobe light shined on the F mark-case mark (while the motor is running) to see if you got it right.

Re: PC50 timing

i have it set so when it gets to the F mark the points open thats how i had it set befor and its still has no power as soon as you put the wheel on the ground in stalls when i had it set to what ever it had enuff power to put the wheel on the ground.BILL

Re: TIMING HELP!!!!!!!!!

Hey Fred i put the timing at every pausibull spot and it still has low power im lost :(

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