Moped Denver: Oct 3rd ride

It's been a while sine I've done a writeup on anything we've done, but I think it's worth doing for this night, despite what some of you might have to say about it.

I don't get down to Denver as much as I like anymore, most of this is because I get off at 7PM, and have to work again at 10AM, and live about 45min away. Part of it was because some of the rides had been pretty lame, and it just wasn't worth the trip to hang out at some crappy house party for four or five hours, wake up hung over, and spend the next day regretting it (To all of you who had awesome house parties, those were awesome, and I loved it).

I was informed by Duncan that there was going to be an "Epic ride", and that he was planning it. This was neat, because the only time Duncan has ever led the pack was when we went way off west into nowheresville, and had some awesome experiences being on the edge of lost.

I got into town late, so I missed the meet up at Sputnik (the bar that lets anyone in, because it's also a coffee shop, and sorta a food place). I had to meet up with them at an art show (which was cool... Paintings of people yawning make me yawn!). There was some beer, it was crowded and bright... Rick, Duncan and I went off to find me an ATM, and maybe get some road beers. I failed when my exhaust bolt fell outa the head, and I spent 30min trying to find another fucking M5 on my Sebring (someone had used one to bolt down the coil, two spacer nuts later and I was going strong).

We didn't get beer, when we got back to the show everyone was ready to go.

Then weak sauce happened.

People didn't want to fucking ride.

I mean, really? You guys get to party all week, and Lipgloss is a stupid club that doesn't even let mopeds in (unless you're/with a girl). Fuck that noise...

But whatever, we lost three, had one out of town, and Sean was entertaining a friend or something... I think Johno had a reason as well.

It ended up being myself, Rick, Duncan, BroJohn, and our fearless founder Willie (who I was fucking stoked to see with a now ripping Magnum, not sick, and happy).

I've ridden a lot in the last year, I wont say I've seen it all.. I've been to four rallies so far, and I like to think that most of those rides were pretty damn awesome. FlockYeah had what was probably the best, Mulholland Drive is amazing. KCMO was right up there as well.

I'm debating putting Duncan's at the top.

There's a little back story to it though, and it's worth pausing to put it out there:

From what I understand, Duncan woke up one morning, around 4AM, with his moped, somewhere around Commerce city (NWish Denver). All he knew is that he was drunk, and that that was the most epic ride he'd ever been on.

The ride had everything, tight curves, blasting strips, at least three industrial parking lots... There were ups, downs, jumps, bridges, over passes, under passes, bums, railroad tracks, the ever-burning light of the energy complex that most of Denver refuses to acknowledge until they're halfway lost in it... It was like no ride he'd had to date.

He had to use Google's satalite maps, because half that shit wasn't even roads.

It was pretty normal at first, we went kinda wettish.. then we hit some industrial buildings, and turned under the highways. It was like half-enclosed tunnels, with no traffic or lights for miles. I hit RPMS I didn't know my bike could be pushed to.

There were at least three times where I almost ate shit with a sudden terrain change, and twice I had both wheels off the ground.

The parking lot of the convention center was crazy, it was well lit, well paved, and fucking hills and bumps everywhere. But you couldn't see the hills and valleys, you just hit them, compensated, and kept blasting.

There was another point where we got to stop, right in the middle of the industrial stacks. I think we have a new innitation zone... You could only find this place on accident.

It took a couple hours, we rode the bike trail home (being as nobody uses it, and it's got a super-wide smooth-paved lane).

I'm glad I went down this week... Even though the new Moped House doesn't have a couch yet, and I got three hours of sleep on a hardwood floor. Fucking worth it.

Other highlights: BroJohn wheelieing it into a parked truck, smashing his fancy-pants fairing. Everything Duncan ever says. Burnouts in front of Lipgloss after Johno was denied entry. Not vomiting.

Duncan.. thank you. I fucking needed that, and I'm so glad to see that it's still about riding AND partying, not either or.

To those of you who panzed out... Whatever, your fucking loss.

Re: Moped Denver: Oct 3rd ride

I miss the spokes already.

Re: Moped Denver: Oct 3rd ride

How's your Ciao post-crash, Ian?

Re: Moped Denver: Oct 3rd ride

Yeah, that Duncan's cool when he's not trying to grab your ass.

Re: Moped Denver: Oct 3rd ride

its alright now. only little cosmetic things got damaged, lost a few bolts. Rear rim got a little tweaked, but its okay now till next season at least.

Ill be closer to you guys next season, so expect to see me more.

(movin to sioux)

Re: Moped Denver: Oct 3rd ride


There's a train that runs from here to almost there.

Re: Moped Denver: Oct 3rd ride

spokesmen Duncan eats mega d*ck, but the good kind

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