tail light wiring? HELP

my tail light on my minarelli was busted out so i got a puch tail light off ebay. the old one was a 3 wire blue, black and grey, the puch a 2 wire, blue and grey. so i just left off the black wire and connected the other 2 according to the matching colors. i started the ped and all the lights worked accordingly. now a day later, when i hit either brake lever the thing cuts off! whats the deal? is there a short between the brake lever wiring? is it the tail light wiring 2 instead of 3? help me please...

Re: tail light wiring? HELP

Maybe the black wire was a switch arm, i donno, check out the lights on a moped subject, i have a tomos i dont know other mopeds wiring systems...

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tail light wiring? HELP

kelly, it sounds like you might have burned out your brake light. sometimes, if the brake light blows out, the moped will die when you apply the brakes (depening on wiring). if it runs, except when the brake lights are attacked, that's probably where your problem lies.

take off the tail light cover. see if the brake light (or even possiby the tail light) is blown. the tail light should be on the bottom, the brake light on the top. if you wired it "upside down" it might be the other way around.

on my minarelli bikes, i disconnected the brake light attachments from the handlebars and fused them (the two on the right together, the two on the left together). that worked for me. maybe for you also?

maybe someone else can help you out here. but that's my advice.

Re: tail light wiring? HELP

as far as fusing the two connections together, i did that before i replaced the tail light to keep the bike running.

to check the wiring, i did switch the 2 leads and when i hit the brake the bottom bulb burned out. but before all that the ped would die just with hitting the brake. the reason why this is so aggravating is because my fiance will not ride with me for "safety reasons" i couldnt care about the light myself...i guess its time to order some bulbs...

Re: tail light wiring? HELP

or you could find another minarelli tail light, until then buy bulbs., maybe find some heavy duty bulbs. with the fuses, you will spend them like bulbs, whichever is cheaper i would go with.

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