anyone recognize this?

anyone got one of these or can tell me about these, that would be great. I am probably going to buy this within a half hour or so, if anybody can give up some info it would be appreciated.

Re: anyone recognize this?


Re: anyone recognize this?

The guy wants 3 bones for it, I think its fair. What about part availability and can you get kits for it? Is it variated?


Re: anyone recognize this?

Its totally fair.

Snag it up.

Zippys mopeds has every part you will ever need, seeing as how they're all still made.

Treats has tons of kits for you, carbs too.

and yes its variated.

Only downside to running a vespa, is that you can only run a 13mm carb for it, unless you swap out the engine case.

Re: anyone recognize this?

its a pooch

Re: anyone recognize this?

noah dont be a dick bag

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