would you be pissed?

I bought this:


When I got it it was missing the left side cover and all the electrical, magneto, stator, condenser everything. Not to mention shipping was delaed because he shipped it full of oil and he tried to make up for that by giving me a decal to his shop. I feel i got a good deal when I ordered it now I think its an ok deal. What would you do? Notice he only photographed it from one side.

Re: would you be pissed?


get your money back

Re: would you be pissed?

you sent a link to someting you bought?...

I'm going to bet the auction has ended... Any takers?

post a pick.

Re: would you be pissed?

I wouldn't have risked it...not enough pictures.

should have asked him questions...

-rob G

Re: would you be pissed?

I would just like to say that I'm an idoit. I went back to the link an scroled down...

Re: would you be pissed?

did you ask questions? sure, he definitely misrepresented this shit, but you have to ask questions. ran before it was split apart could mean a million things and the angle of that picture to hide the fact that there is nothing on the left side is very well planned. he is a douche, and should be stabbed repeatedly in the soul, but since he technically never lied to you there isnt much you can do about it unfortunately.

always ask questions.

Re: would you be pissed?yes

who was the seller?

Re: would you be pissed?yes

Doesn't paypal have a money back guarantee thing? Look into it.

Re: would you be pissed?yes

I think im gonna keep it and find the parts i need. I didn't do to bad. I didn't care that it was split because im gonna rebuild it any way. Oh well live and learn. The seller was HOLESHOTS POWER PARTS Beware. Anyone selling a stator plate or magneto let me know.

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