Booze and ghetto fab fixes. Wayne.. check it.

I just wnated to post a pic of my ghetto fixes that help keep my sachs running. Has anyone else done these type thing to their peds. I am just too broke to go out and buy new air boxes mufflers etc. It would be cool to see what other half vast fixes some of ya'll have come up with. hey if it ain't broke don't fixit.... if it is broke and so are you fix it w/ whatcha got...

And on the subject of alcohol....

Well I have my sachs running strong and burning booze again. After having some trouble with new points and condenser, I have the corn rocket running. Now that I a "Good" spark...nice bright blue...I have been trying to get it tuned just right. One thing I noticed. plug chops dont work so well when you are running alcohol. Brand new plug, and even after 3miles of W.O.T. the electrode is still really clean. Even though I am running rich (4 stroking at the top end) and over oiled 20:1 instead of the recommended 50:1.


ghetto fab pic #2

The first pic is of my muffler assy. I was riding home and lost the original end cap and the silencer from inside the pipe. So I went to advance auto and bought a 2" I.D. tail pide tip. inside I have two washer w/ holes drilled in them to release the exhaust gasses. The theroy and it works sorta. is that when the holes in either washer are diametricly opposed you get the most back pressure. The closer the holes are the less back pressure. It works.. if I have the holes opposed I four stroke much worse.

The othe pic is of my marvel of f*** it engineering I know I need an air filter but I didn't want to pay for a genuine sachs. I figured I have to get it running before I start paying money for parts. It is a lawn mower air filter with one end capped off w/ some cork a margarine tub top, and lots of cheap e-tape. hte filter is mounted on a 1/2" I.D. pvc pipe that is glued to a thing piece of Sintra (flat pvc sheet). Anf the (w)hole thing is held together w/ zip ties. I tried Duct tape but the booze keeps softening up the glue and it falls off.

And with out the original silencer cone thing it is MUCH louder. So loud in fact the old curmudgeon at the end of the road actually started flagging me down. I stopped and he started yelling ( he had to over all the noise ) "this is a quiet neighborhood, you keep running that thing I am going to call the cops and have them take it away" So needless to say luck and his patience had to be tested. After about four more laps around the block and his house it was fianlly to dark to ride and I turned in.

wait a second...

your sachs runs on booze???

that <i>rules</i>!

tell me more!

Re: wait a second...

Go to the post by Miguel called gas me and Wayne got into it over gas versus grain Alcohol. Technically I am running on E-85 a blend of 85% ethanol (corn liquor) and 15% gasoline (as a denaturant)

Re: wait a second...

chuck russo va /

i thought about running my ped on some everclear when i had some but since its 15 bucks a 1/5 i decided not to, we ended up drinking 2 bottles that we snuck into a concert, we were piss drunk and had to leave or we would be thrown out, and then we had to ride the metro from dc to VA then drove home in my friends truck, i puked in a bag and then got to my friends house and passed out in the ditch for a few hours,

i dont liek everclear

Re: wait a second...

Hey check out the lights on a moped subject!!!!!

Re: wait a second...

david f martin /

Hey Chuck,

Just don't get the gasoline and everclear mixed up. Gasoline is not good for you.


Re: wait a second...

chuck russo va /


Re: wait a second...

When I first started messing around with my peugeot int he shop we had a SHIT load of Kerosene becuase of our shop heaters using it for fuel... that and paint thinner..(same thing ) anyways.... I used it to run my Moped some.. The carb was screwed the tank was rusty so I took the intake off and mixed a little in a soda can a little 30 weight oil and some kerosene and would poor just a shot into the opening and stand to the side of the ped and "POP" it off... man that stuff was cool it was sooo damn good to hear my ped actualy could run a couple of seconds.. I had figured out that i had spark compression and feul to the carb this was the easiest way to make sure it was definatly the carb... and the kerosene actauly cleaned the cylinder VERY VERY well...

Iw oudln't recomend it no.. but at the time.. id made me SURE that i was on the right path.. something I needed since i had never really toyed with a moped before.

(it was also cool to show the guys at the tech school I could get the thing to run off paint thinner)

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