my other ped! a batavus

here is my other ped its a 77 batavus i think the seat is not the original item it has home made brackets its also missing the side covers too this bike run well! just ordered a new throttle and cable for it, its a 30mph version i found out through the carby numbers!

any ideas on getting the model would be nice and also the original parts missing

thanks fiano


Re: my other ped! a batavus

Paul La Sorsa /

Hey Fiano,

You got a 1977 Batavus VA. I got the same thing, even the same color. You don't see a lot of black ones.

There's a picture of mine. It looks like your missing the orignal seat and the flore board.

Paul L

Re: my other ped! a batavus

There is a really good website about Batavus mopeds you can check out:


Re: my other ped! a batavus

any idea where i can get a orignal seat and the 3 piece side covers! for a 77 VA????

Re: my other ped! a batavus

Wow. I want that bike! It would go well with my 1980 Garelli Gran Sport! :O Gimme!

Re: my other ped! a batavus

Chris MWH /

Fiano, Tried to e-mail you but it bounced back. If you didn't get the new Kit today I would expect it tomorow. Still working on the covers and the seat.

Chirs MWH

Re: my other ped! a batavus

ok thanks chris cant wait to get it i will keep you posted on it performance ! let me know about the covers and seat! when you find them thanks!


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