arciero moped!?!? identify

alright so during the SF rally i saw this beautiful bike and i just wanted to see more or just learn more about it.. i noticed it had a tomos engine i believe!?

well none the less- please let me know any information if you know of any

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Re: arciero moped!?!? identify

That looks like a Negrini MX SPORT and/or a Pacer ITALMOTOR mod._ 80 SUPER SPORT or a PACER SUPER SPORT. I can get you more information on the Pacer , the Negrini i just know that it was 1978 and who the ditributors were and where they were at. I have a PACER that looks like it.

Re: arciero moped!?!? identify

its a mutt

Re: arciero moped!?!? identify

is that a tomos motor on it?

Re: arciero moped!?!? identify

it's Shaw's of the latebirds/blk widows. Super rare Italian bike, original engine was a morini I believe. He put the tomo motor on and made it ridiculously fast, like scary fast fast. Shit is epic

Re: arciero moped!?!? identify

Yep. 50cc, 65 mph. Gnarly. Stock cylinder.

Shaun from myrons had never even heard of an arciero, which means its SUPER rare. That dude knows the history of every moped ever made. Shaun said he thinks it was a promotional thing that never actually got produced. Pat of the latebirds/black widows found it at a motorcycle swap meet one sunday morning. The rest is history.

Re: arciero moped!?!? identify

bought for 60 bucks at a swap meet during kzoo 2007... rest was pretty much history, it had a franco morini motor in it and after about a week of fab fork, you cant tell it had another motor in it, its wicked fast

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